Navigating the World of Kitchen Ovens with Chef Bradley Thompson

At his Dequte Restuarant LironBoylston, Chef Bradley Thompson prefers using a variety of ovens instead of typical frying and boiling pans. He cooks with dutch ovens, roaster ovens, outdoor pizza ovens, smart ovens, and more. Oven makers often ask Bradley to test their products for his restaurant. This way, Bradley has tried over 120 different ovens in a year and is eager to share what he knows.

Bradley loves ovens. He uses them for 90% of his cooking, whether at the restaurant or home. That’s why he started the “Oven Obsession” blog, to post reviews and comparisons of different ovens.

His blog stands out because the reviews aren’t paid for (unless he says so). Most importantly, Bradley’s chef skills let him offer unique insights about these ovens. He talks about how well they keep heat, their materials, and how evenly they brown food. These things can vary a lot and Bradley explains them in detail. If you use ovens and want tips from a pro, follow Bradley and his “Oven Obsession” blog.

Chef Bradley Thompson and his team in his restaurant