Best Dutch Ovens in 2024: 20+ Models Tested by Chef

Chef Bradley Thompson has used Dutch ovens for years in his restaurant. He offers some special dishes to a limited number of customers, as cooking with Dutch ovens takes time but results in exceptionally tasty food. For those who might not know, Dutch ovens are ideal for slow cooking and braising. Some of the restaurant’s favorites from Bradley’s kitchen, like Red Wine Braised Short Ribs, Coq au Vin, and Jambalaya Soup, are made using these ovens.

This rating is based on Chef Bradley Thomson’s 10+ years of experience with Dutch ovens, testing over 20 models, and feedback from thousands of customers. Bradley has chosen the 5 best Dutch ovens for 2024.

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1. Le Creuset Dutch Oven

reviewing Durability and Performance of Le Creuset Dutch Oven

Chef Bradley Thompson believes the Le Creuset Dutch Oven is the best choice in 2024 for several compelling reasons:

Firstly, it is made from premium cast iron, ensuring even heat distribution and retention for consistent cooking results. This robust construction not only guarantees durability but also enhances the flavor depth of dishes.

Craftsmanship is key with Le Creuset. Each piece is individually cast in sand molds and inspected by skilled French artisans, combining heritage design with modern functionality. The ergonomic handles and knobs are not just visually appealing but also provide a secure and comfortable grip, adding to its practicality.

Red Wine Braised Short Ribs in Le Creuset Dutch Oven

In terms of performance, the Le Creuset Dutch Oven excels in heat retention, maintaining the desired temperature without constant adjustments. This feature is especially beneficial for complex dishes that require precise heat control.

The versatility of the Le Creuset Dutch Oven aligns perfectly with Bradley Thompson’s diverse culinary repertoire. Its ability to perform flawlessly on the stovetop and in the oven makes it ideal for recipes that require a combination of cooking methods, like his signature braised short ribs.

Ease of maintenance is another strong point. The enamel coating simplifies cleaning, allowing for quick soaking and gentle scrubbing without the hassle typically associated with cast iron cookware.

To ensure its longevity, it’s advised to use wood, nylon, or silicone utensils to prevent damage and avoid sudden temperature changes to prevent warping. When storing, using a pan protector is recommended to maintain its condition.

different Sizes, Shapes, and Colors Available of Le Creuset Dutch Oven

It’s important to acknowledge a few drawbacks that come with Le Creuset Dutch Oven.

Firstly, its high price might not be affordable for everyone, as it is considered an investment piece. Though its durability and exceptional performance justify the price for many, it may not be a feasible option for every budget.

Secondly, its weight can be a bit much for those not used to heavy cast iron cookware.

However, most users, both on Reddit and Amazon, agree that despite these issues, the Dutch Oven’s quality and performance make it worth the cost. Complaints are generally about its weight or delivery issues, not about the oven itself. Despite these minor drawbacks, the Le Creuset Dutch Oven still stands out as the best option in 2024. You can purchase it on Amazon.

2. Staub Dutch Oven

testing Staub Dutch Oven's Handles and Product Design

The Staub Dutch Oven, the second choice for 2024, boasts several impressive features. Made from high-quality cast iron, it excels in heat retention and even heat distribution, key factors for dishes like braised short ribs. The enameled interior prevents sticking and simplifies cleaning, a significant advantage in the kitchen.

During cooking tests by chef Bradley Thompson, the Staub Dutch Oven consistently maintained temperatures, crucial for braising and slow cooking. Its snug-fitting lid creates a self-basting environment, retaining moisture and flavors, and ensuring that meats turn out fork-tender and succulent.

While the Dutch Oven features ergonomic handles, a minor drawback is the somewhat narrow space, which can make lifting the pot a bit challenging, especially with oven mitts.

Aesthetically, the Staub Dutch Oven is stylish, and its enamel interior resists staining and is easy to clean. Post-cooking maintenance is straightforward, often requiring just a quick soak and gentle scrub.

A standout feature of the Staub Dutch Oven is the limited lifetime warranty, adding an extra layer of confidence for the buyer.

Although the Staub Dutch Oven is highly recommended for 2024 by chef Bradley Thompson, he mentioned a few minor drawbacks. The narrow handles can be challenging to grip, especially when using oven mitts.

Durability and Performance of Staub Dutch Oven

Feedback from Amazon and Reddit users highlights challenge posed by the space between the pot and its handles, making it tough to maneuver the Dutch Oven when it’s full and hot.

Additionally, the black interior can make it difficult to see food color changes during cooking. Despite these issues, the Staub Dutch Oven’s quality, heat retention, and overall design make it one of the best choices on the market. You can purchase it on Amazon.

3. Caraway Dutch Oven

Red Wine Braised Short Ribs in Caraway Dutch Oven

Chef Bradley Thompson’s third choice for 2024 is the Caraway Dutch Oven, notable for its balance of features. Made from high-quality cast aluminum, it offers excellent durability and heat distribution, while being lighter than traditional cast iron, easing handling and maneuverability.

A significant advantage of the Caraway Dutch Oven is its consistent temperature maintenance, crucial for dishes requiring precision in heat management. The well-fitting lid effectively seals in moisture and flavor, ensuring that dishes remain succulent and tasty.

overview Caraway Dutch Oven's Handles and Product Design

The ergonomic handles are a practical feature, remaining cool to touch even at high temperatures. Additionally, the oven’s sleek, modern design makes it an attractive addition to any kitchen.

Ease of maintenance is another key benefit. The nonstick ceramic coating prevents food from sticking, simplifying cleaning. This is especially useful after long cooking sessions, and the fact that it’s dishwasher safe is a boon for busy kitchens.

Caraway’s lifetime warranty underscores their commitment to quality, offering peace of mind to professional chefs and serious home cooks alike.

The Caraway Dutch Oven, though lighter and more stylish than traditional cast iron, has a few drawbacks. As per notes from chef Bradley Thompson, it’s prone to staining and chipping in the ceramic coating, which raises concerns about durability. Some users on Amazon mentioned it heats up more slowly, which might not suit those who need quick cooking times. Despite these issues, its modern design, non-toxic materials, and ease of cleaning still make it a good option for 2024, especially for those valuing aesthetics in their cookware. You can purchase it on Amazon.

4. Instant Precision Dutch Oven

testing materials of Instant Precision Dutch Oven

The Instant Precision 6-Quart Dutch Oven, as explored by Chef Bradley Thompson, offers a unique blend of modernity and traditional cooking. This “electric Dutch oven” is made from heavy-duty enameled cast iron, ensuring even heat distribution and precision in cooking.

One of its key features is the enameled surface, which adds elegance and prevents ingredients from sticking. The inclusion of a silicone pad protects countertops from heat, while silicone handle covers ensure a secure grip.

Chef Thompson was impressed with its heat retention capabilities, crucial for dishes like Red Wine Braised Short Ribs. The pot effectively locks in heat and maintains precise temperature control, resulting in richly flavored dishes. The matching lid, with a braising grid, enhances steam circulation within the pot, contributing to the succulence of the food.

reviewing Handles and Instant Precision Dutch Oven Product Design

Ergonomically designed handles make it easy to transfer from the cooker base to the stovetop. The oven’s elegant design makes it a stylish addition to any kitchen, and its non-stick enamel coating simplifies cleaning. While dishwasher safe, Thompson prefers hand washing, similar to traditional Dutch ovens, for maintenance.

Having used it for over six months, Thompson notes its durability and hopes it will prove long-lasting, ensuring good value for money.

cooking Red Wine Braised Short Ribs in Instant Precision Dutch Oven

The Instant Precision Dutch Oven, while innovative, does have some drawbacks noted by users. On Amazon, one concern is the lid not fitting tightly, leading to liquid pooling around it. Additionally, the power cord length is mentioned as being too short, and some users wish for a lower temperature setting option.

Reddit users have highlighted performance issues. Some feel it doesn’t match the efficiency and durability of traditional Dutch ovens. There are also comments about it being difficult to clean, which contrasts with the ease of maintenance of classic models.

Notably, there aren’t many reviews from famous chefs for the Instant Precision Dutch Oven. However, those interested in a more detailed evaluation can refer to Food Network’s review or Bradley Thompson’s review of this electric Dutch oven.

Despite these concerns, the Instant Precision Dutch Oven remains an interesting choice for those looking for an electric version of the traditional cookware, offering a modern twist to classic cooking methods. You can purchase it on Amazon.

5. Smithey Dutch Oven Review

featured image by Smithey Dutch Oven Review

Chef Bradley Thompson’s discovery of the year, the Smithey Dutch Oven, combines premium quality and functionality. Crafted from high-quality cast iron, it provides excellent heat retention and distribution, ensuring dishes like braised short ribs are cooked evenly, with tender meat and rich flavors.

While its cast iron construction is beneficial for consistent cooking temperatures, it does make the Dutch Oven heavy and somewhat challenging to maneuver, especially when full. Additionally, cast iron takes longer to heat up compared to other materials but is ideal for slow cooking methods like braising.

The Smithey Dutch Oven stands out for its remarkable heat retention, allowing precise temperature control, crucial for dishes requiring steady simmering. Compatible with various heat sources, it’s versatile for different cooking methods, from searing on the stovetop to braising in the oven.

A key feature is its tight-fitting lid with self-basting spikes, enhancing moisture and flavor distribution. The ergonomic handles provide comfort and ease in handling, despite the pot’s weight. The Dutch Oven’s design is a blend of old-world charm and modern elegance, making it a standout piece in any kitchen.

Unique to Smithey is the fully polished cast iron interior, offering a naturally nonstick surface that’s easy to clean and maintain. While cast iron requires more care than nonstick alternatives, the smooth interior enamel simplifies cleaning and upkeep.

Thompson notes the Smithey Dutch Oven’s sturdiness and build quality, emphasizing its potential as a long-term investment and even an heirloom piece. Its performance and durability make it a valuable addition to his culinary arsenal, proving to be a steadfast companion in the kitchen.

The Smithey Dutch Oven’s primary drawback is its weight due to the cast iron construction, which can be cumbersome for those preferring lighter cookware. The interior surface also demands careful handling to avoid chipping or scratching. While users generally praise the Smithey Dutch Oven, some Reddit reviews suggest that a long-lasting vintage Dutch oven from a garage sale might be a more cost-effective option. Additionally, like Le Creuset, the price of the Smithey Dutch Oven could be a concern, as it’s on the higher end of the spectrum. You can purchase it via official website.

Other Dutch Ovens Tested by Chef Bradley Thompson That Didn’t Make the List

Overmont 2-in-1 Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Red Wine Braised Short Rib in Overmont 2-in-1 Cast Iron Dutch Oven

The Overmont 2-in-1 Cast Iron Dutch Oven was not selected for Chef Bradley Thompson’s top list due to several reasons. Its considerable weight poses handling challenges, especially when full. Users have also reported a rough interior texture, despite its pre-seasoned state, affecting both the ease of cleaning and the overall cooking experience.

A Reddit review echoed these concerns, indicating that the rough texture, while not detrimental to cooking performance, can be a drawback in terms of maintenance and user experience.

Additionally, while the Overmont Dutch Oven is effective for baking bread, it may not be the best option for simmering stews and soups. This is primarily due to its weight and the texture of its interior, which might not suit the needs of those who prioritize these types of dishes.

Bruntmor Dutch Oven

Red Wine Braised Short Ribs in Bruntmor Dutch Oven

Chef Bradley Thompson decided do not include the Bruntmor Dutch Oven primarily due to durability issues. The ceramic coating showed early signs of cracking, which is a concern for long-term use. Additionally, the enamel began to chip within just a few months, raising questions about both its aesthetic appeal and safety. Users also frequently reported staining, which, while not affecting functionality, detracts from the cookware’s appearance. These combined factors, particularly the concerns about the ceramic coating’s integrity and enamel chipping, led to its exclusion from his top list of the best dutch ovens.

HexClad Dutch Oven

HexClad DutchOven Durability and Performance

The HexClad Dutch Oven, despite its reputable brand and quality, didn’t secure a top spot on Chef Bradley Thompson’s list for a few reasons. Firstly, the pot’s rim has a coarser finish with visible grind marks and metal layers, along with occasional tiny voids or off-color spots. These cosmetic issues, while not impacting performance, may not meet the expectations of users who prioritize aesthetics, especially considering the oven’s price.

In terms of cleaning, while the HexClad Dutch Oven is relatively easy to clean, it doesn’t significantly outperform other pots. Given its premium status, some users expected an exceptional ease of cleaning that aligns with its higher price.

The HexClad’s polished finish is impressive, but the rim’s coarser appearance and cosmetic flaws may disappoint users who expect perfection for the price for dutch oven.

To be fair, HexClad doesn’t specifically market their pots as Dutch ovens, but they can certainly be used as such. They excel in cooking performance. In fact, Chef Thompson regularly uses other HexClad cookware in his restaurant kitchen due to their exceptional quality.

Mueller DuraCast Dutch Oven

overview Mueller DuraCast Dutch Oven's Handles and Product Design

The Mueller DuraCast Dutch Oven, while having some merits, didn’t make Chef Bradley Thompson’s top dutch oven list due to several issues. Some of Thompson’s colleagues reported rusting and enamel delamination even after minimal use and careful hand-washing. This is a notable concern since cast iron Dutch ovens are typically prized for their durable enamel coating that withstands regular use.

Thompson observed that after just one use, there were instances of rust and enamel chipping and delamination. While he didn’t personally experience these issues, the varying experiences among customers are a point of concern.

Another issue Thompson noted is the thin enamel coating on the Mueller DuraCast Dutch Oven. A thinner enamel may be more prone to chipping, cracking, and rusting over time, raising questions about its durability and longevity.

Additionally, Thompson highlighted a limitation in the Dutch oven’s temperature tolerance. The product manual specifies a maximum temperature of 446°F (230°C), a detail not mentioned in the online description. This temperature cap could be a significant drawback for users looking to use the Dutch oven for high-temperature cooking tasks, such as baking bread, which often requires higher temperatures than the stated limit.

KitchenAid Cast Iron Dutch Oven

testing KitchenAid Dutch Oven's Handles and Product Design

The KitchenAid Cast Iron Dutch Oven didn’t meet Chef Bradley Thompson’s criteria for the best dutch ovens’ list due to several issues. Its thinner cast iron construction raises questions about long-term durability. The lid’s slight wobble could lead to steam leakage, potentially impacting cooking results. Additionally, the unconventional handle design makes it difficult to grip securely. Users have also noted that the enamel coating chips and rusts after just a few uses. The limited variety in size, shape, and color options, along with concerns about its value for money, further contributed to its exclusion from the top picks. These combined drawbacks overshadow the brand’s reputation, leading to its lower ranking.

Cabela’s Camp Dutch Oven

overview Cabela's Camp Oven's Handles and Product Design

The Cabela’s Camp Dutch Oven was not highly rated by Chef Bradley Thompson mainly due to its lack of unique or innovative features. Its heavier weight can be a drawback, especially for backpacking or situations where carrying lighter gear is preferable. Additionally, as with all cast iron cookware, it requires careful maintenance to prevent rust, which could be cumbersome for some users. The absence of clear warranty information also adds to the uncertainty regarding the product’s long-term reliability. These factors combined make it less appealing compared to other options that offer distinct advantages or greater convenience.

AmazonBasics Dutch Oven

Red Wine Braised Short Rib in AmazonBasics Dutch Oven

AmazonBasics Dutch Oven significant issue is steam leakage during cooking, which can negatively impact the cooking process and the final dish. Its weight also poses a challenge, making it difficult to handle and maneuver, particularly when it’s full. Cleaning the Dutch Oven can be labor-intensive, often necessitating soaking and scrubbing to effectively remove food residue, as hand washing is recommended. Additionally, it has a lower oven-safe temperature limit of only 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which is less than what is offered by other brands. There have also been reports of the enamel chipping, raising concerns about its durability and long-term use. These factors combined make the AmazonBasics Dutch Oven less appealing, especially when considering other available options.

Great Jones Dutch Oven

Red Wine Braised Short Ribs in Great Jones Dutch Oven

Chef Bradley Thompson’s personal experience with the Great Jones Dutchess Dutch Oven has been largely positive, yet he acknowledges some potential drawbacks based on other users’ reviews. The limited number of reviews on e-commerce platforms for this Dutch Oven makes it difficult for potential buyers to find comprehensive feedback, which can be a hurdle in making an informed purchase decision.

Additionally, some Reddit users have expressed dissatisfaction with Great Jones’ customer service, noting issues with responsiveness and a tendency towards automated replies. This lack of personalized support can be frustrating for customers needing assistance with their products.

However, it’s also noted that experiences with customer service can vary, as highlighted by one user who had a positive experience in obtaining a replacement.

Another point Thompson mentions is the absence of reviews on Amazon for this particular Dutch Oven. The only issue he personally encountered was a minor steam leak from the lid during cooking. Despite these concerns, his overall experience with the Great Jones Dutch Oven remains positive.

Food Network Dutch Oven

Durability and Performance of Food Network Dutch Oven

The Food Network Dutch Oven presents several concerns that might affect its suitability for certain users. The material thickness is thinner compared to premium brands, which could impact its long-term durability. Issues with the lid fit, such as occasional steam escape, might affect the texture and quality of the dishes prepared. The narrow handles also pose a challenge, especially when using oven mitts, making it difficult to maneuver.

Another point of concern is the enamel coating, which is prone to chipping and staining over time, potentially affecting both the appearance and functionality of the dutch oven. Despite the material not being as thick as other brands, it still carries a considerable weight, which can be cumbersome during cooking and handling.

Additionally, the Food Network Dutch Oven comes with only a one-year warranty, which is relatively short compared to the warranties offered by other brands. This shorter warranty period might be a drawback for those looking for a more long-term investment in their cookware.

Misen Dutch Oven

overview Misen Dutch Oven's Handles and Product Design

The Misen Dutch Oven, while a notable option in the cookware market, has a few concerns that might affect its appeal. A significant issue raised by users is the chipping of the enamel over time, which raises questions about its durability and longevity. Additionally, compared to other brands, Misen offers limited color options, which might be a drawback for those seeking a specific aesthetic in their kitchen.

Misen Dutch Oven also demands meticulous care, including hand-washing, to maintain its condition. This requirement can be a bit labor-intensive compared to cookware that is dishwasher safe. Furthermore, there are warranty restrictions related to its maintenance and usage, which could limit the warranty’s usefulness for some users.

Our Table Dutch Oven

testing Durability and Performance of Our Table Dutch Oven

The Our Table Dutch Oven, while having some positives, faces several issues as noted by Chef Bradley Thompson and other users. The most common problem is enamel chipping and the development of rust, with some users even reporting receiving their Dutch Oven with pre-existing chips.

Chef Thompson didn’t personally encounter these issues, but he did find the fit of the lid to be disappointing. The lid doesn’t seal perfectly, leading to steam leakage which can result in moisture loss during cooking. Although this wasn’t a major concern for most, it’s still a notable flaw.

Another issue is the cleaning process. The enamel interior tends to allow food to stick, making it more labor-intensive to clean than some might expect. The lack of dishwasher compatibility adds to the inconvenience, especially for those who prefer the ease of machine washing.

Additionally, users have expressed concerns about the limited warranty coverage.

Lodge Dutch Oven

testing Lodge Dutch Oven's Durability and Performance

The Lodge Dutch Oven, while recognized for its quality and value, has a few limitations that kept it from making Chef Bradley Thompson’s top-5 dutch ovens’ list. One notable issue is its hefty weight, which can make it challenging to handle and maneuver, particularly when it’s full. This aspect might be a drawback for users who prefer lighter cookware or have difficulty with heavy lifting.

Another consideration is the initial seasoning process and ongoing maintenance, which could be a bit complex for those unfamiliar with cast iron care. It may require a learning curve for users new to this type of cookware.

The Lodge Dutch Oven is not dishwasher safe, necessitating handwashing for cleaning. This requirement could be inconvenient for those who prefer the ease and simplicity of using a dishwasher.

Despite these drawbacks, the Lodge Dutch Oven has received considerable positive feedback for its advantages. Celebrity Chef Mat Abdoo, mentioned in a People article, personally uses Lodge Dutch ovens and praises their great value and essential features.

Cuisinart Dutch Oven

overview Handles and Product Design of Cuisinart Dutch Oven

The Cuisinart Dutch Oven, while popular, has several issues that users should be aware of. A common problem, as found in Amazon and Reddit reviews, is the enamel’s tendency to chip easily. Some customers even received Dutch ovens with the enamel already chipped or damaged during shipping. While this chipping doesn’t directly impact performance, it can be visually unappealing and raises concerns about the cookware’s longevity. Over time, chipped enamel can also lead to rusting, particularly if the cast iron underneath is exposed.

Another issue is the staining of the off-white interior, a common problem with lighter-colored surfaces. These stains don’t affect the Dutch Oven’s functionality, but they can be difficult to remove and might mar its appearance over time. Users who prefer low-maintenance interiors might want to consider brands with darker interiors, which are less prone to visible staining.

Furthermore, the loop-style side handles of the Cuisinart Dutch Oven are somewhat narrow, making it challenging to grip and maneuver the oven, especially when using oven mitts or potholders. A more ergonomic handle design would enhance the user experience and safety. Despite these concerns, the Cuisinart Dutch Oven remains a choice for many, but potential buyers should consider these factors alongside their cooking needs and preferences.

Brandani Dutch Oven

reviewing Durability and Performance of Brandani Dutch Oven

The Brandani Dutch Oven has some notable concerns that potential buyers should be aware of. One of the most common issues reported by users is the chipping and staining of the enamel coating after multiple uses. Over time, some users found that the enamel on the Dutch Oven chips off, affecting both its appearance and integrity.

Another potential drawback is the limited availability of Brandani Dutch Ovens in the market. This may make it challenging for those interested in purchasing one, as it might not be widely accessible.

While there are no reviews from famous chefs, some colleagues at the restaurant have shared their experiences with the Brandani Dutch Oven. Opinions vary, with some finding it worth buying and praising its performance, while others have encountered the same chipping issues mentioned earlier.


In this comprehensive exploration of various Dutch ovens, Chef Bradley Thompson provided valuable insights into a wide range of cookware options. Le Creuset Dutch Oven emerged as the top choice, impressing with its exceptional heat retention, durable construction, and versatile performance. Despite minor drawbacks, its overall quality and reputation in the culinary world made it Chef Bradley Thompson’s favorite.

Other contenders like the Staub Dutch Oven, Caraway Dutch Oven, Instant Precision Dutch Oven, and Smithey Dutch Oven offered unique features and advantages but also had their limitations, from weight concerns to enamel chipping issues.

While some brands like HexClad and Mueller DuraCast presented promising qualities, cosmetic imperfections and potential durability concerns weighed them down. KitchenAid, Cabela’s Camp, AmazonBasics, and Our Table Dutch Ovens also had their fair share of drawbacks, from enamel chipping to cleaning challenges.

The Lodge Dutch Oven garnered praise for its value and endorsements from chefs, but its weight and maintenance requirements held it back from the top spots.

Lastly, the Cuisinart and Brandani Dutch Ovens faced issues related to enamel chipping and staining, affecting both aesthetics and long-term durability.

In conclusion, Chef Bradley Thompson’s extensive reviews highlighted Le Creuset Dutch Oven as the top choice among various Dutch ovens, providing valuable guidance for those in search of the perfect cookware. Each option had its merits, but Le Creuset stood out as the preferred choice for its exceptional quality and performance in the kitchen.

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