Alfa Futuro 2 Pizza Oven Review: A Detailed Analysis

Alfa Futuro 2 Pizza Oven Review

My customers at Dequte Restaurant LironBoylston love our pizzas. Hence, we need to have a reliable pizza oven at my restaurant. Being a chef for ten years, I have tried different pizza oven brands to craft perfect pizzas for our guests. Today, I’m excited to share with you my review of Alfa Futuro 2 Pizza Oven.

This review considered the significant factors in cooking a pizza. Of course, we have tested it in our restaurant.

How To Use Alfa Futuro 2 Pizza Oven and How It Works

Setting up the Alfa Futuro 2 was easy. The instructions in the included manual were clear, and everything fit together well. It took 30 minutes to build everything and I have to ask for help as this pizza oven is big.

Using it is easy, too. The oven is user-friendly and I can control the temperature easily. There is a learning curve in getting the right amount of heat and perfecting my pizza, but the overall experience is excellent.

Unboxing Alfa Futuro 2 Pizza Oven and First Impression

Unboxing Alfa Futuro 2 Pizza Oven and First Impression

The Alfa Futuro 2 was packed up nice and tight, so it arrived in perfect shape. While unboxing, I could tell that the oven was well-made. The oven’s aesthetic appeal is complemented by thoughtful design elements, such as the ergonomic handle and the strategically placed venting system.

When we fired it up, the oven heated up quickly. That first pizza we made was a winner. The oven’s looks and performance gave us a good impression, which made us even more eager to use it.

Quality and Materials

The Alfa Futuro 2 Pizza Oven impressed me with its top-notch quality and materials. This pizza oven is crafted entirely in Italy, from design to manufacturing. It has a stainless steel arch, which is a defining feature of the Futuro Line. This is handcrafted and skillfully bent and shaped by experienced craftsmen, making each unit unique. The Alfa Futuro 2 showcases durability, and the large glass door allows us to watch our pizza without sacrificing heat.


Shape of Alfa Futuro 2 Pizza Oven

The Futuro Line has a simple and clean shape that adds real value for pizza enthusiasts. Its thoughtfully designed shape contributes to the overall aesthetic and functionality. This pizza oven is an ideal companion for outdoor gatherings. I like that it is a stylish and practical addition to an outdoor cooking setup.

Temperature Control

The Alfa Futuro 2 Pizza Oven has an exceptional temperature control. The oven can reach up to a blazing 1000°F in just 30 minutes. This rapid heating capability allows quick preheating and makes it possible to achieve the perfect, crispy crust on our pizzas.

Using Alfa Futuro 2 Pizza Oven For The First Time

Using the Alfa Futuro 2 for the first time was so much fun! The oven’s interior is spacious. It can fit not just one but two pizzas at once because of its size.

I decided to make classic Margherita pizzas for my first test. I was so impressed that both pizzas turned out really well. The heat inside the oven is spread out evenly, and it cooks things efficiently. After that first use, I couldn’t wait to try making more pizzas with this awesome oven!

Power Source

Power Source of Alfa Futuro 2 Pizza Oven

The Alfa Futuro 2 Pizza Oven uses a Full Effect Full Circulation Patented Flue System.  What it does is circulate heat “around and down,” making sure the pizzas turn out perfectly. Plus, there’s an Optional Hybrid Kit that lets you add wood-burning capabilities to the Futuro 2 Pizza Gas Oven. This feature is available separately.


This pizza oven is pretty roomy. The cooking area is 70 x 40 cm, which means it can cook up to two pizzas at once. This capacity is very useful in our restaurant since we need to make more pizzas in a short period. Given Futuro 2’s size, it can even bake up to 2kg of bread! 

How To Clean Alfa Futuro 2 Pizza Oven

How To Clean Alfa Futuro 2 Pizza Oven

Cleaning the Alfa Futuro 2 Pizza Oven is a bit of a challenge, mainly because it’s a big oven. Nonetheless, the cleaning process is simple.  Before cleaning, make sure the oven has cooled down. Start by brushing away loose debris using a soft-bristle brush and sweep away any ash or crumbs that might be hanging out in there.

For any stubborn bits stuck to the oven floor, I recommend using a metal scraper or spatula to gently lift them off. Don’t forget to check the chimney and flue to ensure proper ventilation. Any built-up residue can be gently brushed away.

Can I Use The Alfa Futuro 2 Indoors?

No, using this pizza oven indoors could be risky, so it’s best to keep the pizza party outside.

How Long Does It Take To Cook Pizza in Alfa Futuro 2?

How Long Does It Take To Cook Pizza in Alfa Futuro 2?

As I’ve mentioned, we put the Alfa Futuro 2 to the test by making a Margherita pizza. We were amazed as it only took 90 seconds to cook up to 2 pizzas! You only have to make sure that the oven has pre-heated well and has reached the optimal baking temperature.

How Long  Does It Take For Alfa Futuro 2 To Warm Up?

The Alfa Futuro 2  can reach optimal cooking temperatures in just 30 minutes. This efficiency ensures that the pizzas are cooked quickly.

Can I Cook Something Else In It?

Can I Cook Something Else In Alfa Futuro 2 Pizza Oven?

Yes. While it’s mainly used for pizzas, the Alfa Futuro 2 can also cook up other dishes, like steak, chicken, and vegetables. I was able to use it in making flatbreads too.


This pizza oven is too big and heavy. I even need to ask for help to move it to a different spot. However, it is evidently well-made.

It is also expensive and most people stay away from things that are way too costly. But, if you are looking for a pizza oven that can craft professionally-made pizzas, the Alfa Futuro 2 is definitely worth its price.


price of Alfa Futuro 2 Pizza Oven

The Alfa Futuro 2 Pizza Oven’s price reflects the quality and craftsmanship that define this Italian-made outdoor cooking gem. Its premium materials, innovative design, and features contribute to its higher cost. While it may be an investment, its performance and durability make it a worthwhile purchase.

How Does It Compare to Other Outdoor Pizza Ovens?

Compared to other outdoor pizza ovens, the Alfa Futuro 2 heats up quickly. Its Full Effect Full Circulation Patented Flue System sets it apart as it ensures consistent and professional quality results. While it is costly, this pizza oven justifies its cost. Additionally, the option to add a Wood Burning Kit makes it stand out among its competitors.

What Others Say about Alfa Futuro 2 Pizza Oven

Opinions from other users are also essential. I have checked online reviews on different platforms to consolidate what they think about the Alfa Futuro 2.

There are limited reviews available about Alfa Futuro 2 at the time of writing. But I have read good things about it on Reddit. One user mentioned that Alfa is the alpha among the outdoor pizza ovens. Another one says that it is long-lasting and great for serving big groups. They are impressed by its heating capabilities and cooking efficiency.

My Cooking Tips For Using Alfa Futuro 2 Pizza Oven

My Cooking Tips For Using Alfa Futuro 2 Pizza Oven

I love cooking with the Alfa Futuro 2 Pizza Oven. Here are a few tips to enhance your pizza-making experience:

  • Give the oven enough time to preheat.
  • For even cooking, rotate your pizzas midway through the cooking process.
  • If you have the Optional Hybrid Kit, try out this oven’s wood-burning capabilities to add a delightful smokiness to your pizzas.


Conclusion Alfa Futuro 2 Pizza Oven review

I find the Alfa Futuro 2 to be a fantastic pizza-making companion. Its craftsmanship, efficient and quick heating, and overall performance make it a standout pizza oven choice. To sum up, here are the pros and cons of this pizza oven.


  • Superior craftsmanship and quality materials.
  • Swift heating, reaching optimal temperatures in just 30 minutes.
  • Versatile cooking options with the Optional Hybrid Kit.


  • Hefty size may pose a challenge for some users.
  • Pricier compared to some other outdoor pizza ovens.

As a chef, I must also note that while the Alfa Futuro 2 is excellent, the Oonis are still the best pizza ovens in the market. Ooni offers exceptional performance at a more affordable range. The Alfa Futuro 2, however, is a solid choice for those willing to invest in a top-tier outdoor pizza oven, especially if space and price are not significant constraints in your decision-making.

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