Gozney Roccbox Review: Pros, Cons, and Everything You Need to Know

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Pizza is a customer favorite at my restaurant, Dequte Restaurant LironBoylston. As a seasoned restaurant chef with over ten years of experience, I have used several pizza ovens over time. 

Just recently, I put the Gozney Roccbox to the test at my establishment. Having explored various outdoor pizza ovens, including the renowned Ooni, I approached this review discerningly. This review considered key factors that are pivotal in crafting the perfect pizza.

How Gozney Roccbox Works and How to Use

How Gozney Roccbox Works and How to Use

Assembling the Gozney Roccbox was easy. It only took me a mere 15 minutes to set up. I extended the legs and hooked the propane tank to a well-ventilated position on our restaurant’s patio for convenience, consistent heat, and cost-effectiveness.

The ignition process is straightforward—just turn the knob at the back, releasing and igniting the gas. It is a crucial initial step to run the oven on low heat for half an hour to allow for proper curing.

Unboxing and First Impression

Upon unboxing, I was impressed with the Roccbox immediately. Its aesthetic appeal, heat retention capabilities, and thoughtful design details immediately caught my attention.

The portable stone-floored oven has a compact yet sturdy construction. It showcases durability, and the quality of the materials reflects the brand’s commitment to excellence. The thoughtful design, including the foldable legs, hinted at the Roccbox’s portability, allowing for a versatile outdoor cooking experience.

Other items included in the box are:

  • Professional-grade pizza peel (worth $99)
  • Detachable propane gas burner
  • Bottle opener (excluding Tom Gozney Signature Edition)
  • Manual

Quality and Materials

Quality and Materials of Gozney Roccbox

The Gozney Roccbox’s exceptional quality and materials are a testament to its engineering. I find each component of this oven to be meticulously crafted. This pizza oven offers excellent performance, which has earned acclaim in leading kitchens and restaurants worldwide.


The Roccbox’s well-thought-out shape is more than aesthetic; it is significant in ensuring an ideal environment for pizza cooking.

Beyond its visual appeal, the thoughtfully considered shape contributes to the oven’s functionality, enhancing the distribution and retention of heat to guarantee consistent and efficient cooking results.

Temperature Control

I commend the temperature control of the Gozney Roccbox. It provides a level of precision essential for achieving the perfect crust texture and ensuring the ideal doneness of pizza.

With the capability to reach temperatures up to 950°F, the Roccbox offers unrivaled cooking results. This impressive feat is made possible by combining key features, including a thick stone floor, dense insulation, and a unique rolling flame.

The thick stone floor ensures even heat distribution, while the dense insulation contributes to heat retention, creating a consistent and high-temperature cooking environment. The unique rolling flame also allows users to tailor the cooking conditions to their specific preferences.

Using Gozney Roccbox For the First Time

Using Gozney Roccbox For the First Time

During our first use, the Roccbox effortlessly lived up to expectations. We were able to use it seamlessly as it is remarkably user-friendly.

What stood out during our first encounter with the Roccbox was its efficiency and speed. This oven can cook pizza in a minute without compromising the quality of the pizza. 

We effortlessly adjusted temperatures, monitored the cooking process through our viewing window, and maneuvered the pizza peel intuitively. Evidently, the Roccbox had been engineered not only for culinary excellence but also with the user’s experience in mind.

Power Source

The Gozney Roccbox provides versatility in its power sources. It offers the convenience of either gas or wood fuel. As a standard inclusion, the Roccbox comes equipped with a propane gas burner, ensuring users can enjoy the benefits of consistent heat and ease of use. 

For those seeking to elevate their culinary experience, the Roccbox offers the option to purchase a detachable wood burner as an additional accessory. This feature caters to enthusiasts who relish the authentic flavors imparted by wood-fired cooking.


While the Gozney Roccbox maintains a manageable weight of 49.9 pounds, it’s worth noting that it is slightly heavier than Ooni Pizza Ovens. Despite this additional weight, the Roccbox still delivers a compelling combination of portability and performance, making it a versatile outdoor cooking companion.

How to Clean It

how to clean Gozney Roccbox

Maintaining the Gozney Roccbox in pristine condition is uncomplicated. I was amazed that the cleaning process was straightforward. 

I use a soft-bristled brush to sweep over the burner gently. This brush helps clear any residual debris that might accumulate during cooking.

Wiping down the exterior with warm, soapy water is all it takes to restore the Roccbox’s sleek appearance, effortlessly removing any surface stains or grease.

Can I Use It Indoors?

No, the Gozney Roccbox is designed exclusively for outdoor use due to safety considerations.

How Long Does it Take to Cook Pizza in Gozney Roccbox?

How Long Does it Take to Cook Pizza in Gozney Roccbox

Pizza cooking is fast and efficient with the Gozney Roccbox. It has a remarkable capability to cook pizza in just 60 seconds at a scorching temperature of 950 degrees.

In our test, crafting a Margherita pizza in the Roccbox showcased efficient cooking, delivering a crispy crust and well-melted toppings. 

How Long Does It Take to Warm Up?

You can anticipate your Roccbox reaching the desired temperature on gas in approximately 20-30 minutes. Compared to Ooni, it takes a little more time to warm up.

However, it’s important to note that several factors may influence the warm-up time. The ambient temperature, prevailing weather conditions, and the choice of fuel all play a role in determining how quickly the Roccbox reaches its optimal temperature.

Can I Cook Other Food Besides Pizza in Gozney Roccbox?

What Can I Cook Other Food Besides Pizza in Gozney Roccbox

You can cook vegetables and meat using the Roccbox. However, while flatbreads and doughs can be placed directly on the stone, any items with even a hint of moisture, such as vegetables or meat, should be placed in a pan before cooking. This precautionary measure safeguards the stone from potential cracks.


Despite its strengths, the Roccbox does have some downsides worth considering. One notable aspect is its weight; compared to other outdoor pizza ovens, the Roccbox leans towards the heavier side at 49.9 pounds. This may be a consideration for those who prioritize utmost portability in their outdoor cooking equipment.

Additionally, the warm-up time of the Roccbox might be a point of contention for some users. Although it efficiently reaches its optimal temperature in approximately 20-30 minutes on gas, this duration could be perceived as longer compared to certain competing models.


Price of Gozney Roccbox

When it comes to pricing, the Gozney Roccbox portrays itself as a premium product. Nonetheless, I can say that this pizza oven is worth buying.

How Does it Compare to Other Outdoor Pizza Ovens?

The Gozney Roccbox stands out as a formidable contender among pizza ovens in the market. Its well-engineered shape contributes to an ideal pizza-cooking environment and showcases a thoughtful approach to aesthetics and functionality.

While it may be heavier than some counterparts, the Roccbox compensates for its exceptional heat retention and consistent results. 

What Others Say About Gozney Roccbox

It’s important to consider what others say about the Gozney Roccbox. According to an Amazon customer, the weight of the oven could pose an issue, as wrong positioning could result in the feet collapsing easily. The pizza oven needs meticulous positioning to prevent such occurrences.

A Reddit review says the Roccbox is noted for its thicker stone, potentially contributing to enhanced heat retention and distribution. However, it is also mentioned that the front metal face of the Roccbox tends to accumulate soot, necessitating regular wiping down, unlike the Ooni, where such soot accumulation is not observed.

YouTube pizza enthusiasts also share their positive experiences with the Gozney Roccbox. However, most of them are not fans of the product’s weight. Other than that, the Roccbox is a recommended pizza oven.

My Cooking Tips for This Oven

My Cooking Tips

Cooking the perfect pizza in the Gozney Roccbox requires some finesse. I am sharing a few tips to ensure a delightful pizza-making experience with your Roccbox.

  • Firstly, allow the Roccbox to preheat for at least 15 minutes before sliding in your pizza. This ensures that the stone floor reaches the optimal temperature for achieving that coveted crispy crust.
  • Contrary to common practice, avoid using cornmeal on your pizza, as it may lead to sticking issues. Instead, rely on a well-floured pizza peel for a seamless transfer onto the stone.
  • To achieve an even cook and golden brown perfection, make it a habit to turn your pizza regularly during the cooking process.
  • Lastly, never leave the Gozney Roccbox unattended. Its high temperatures demand your attention to guarantee a safe and delectable pizza-making experience.


The Gozney Roccbox is a commendable outdoor pizza oven that delivers on its promises. Despite a few minor drawbacks, its quality, performance, and design make it a worthy investment for pizza enthusiasts. While acknowledging its strengths, I must assert that the Ooni remains my top pizza oven recommendation. 

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