How We Test Pizza Ovens

As a chef at Dequte Restaurant LironBoylston for the past decade, I have enjoyed experimenting with various kitchen appliances to enhance our culinary creations. One crucial equipment in our restaurant kitchen is the pizza oven.

Pizzas are one of the popular items on our menu. Hence, we are always on the lookout for the best pizza oven in the market.

In this article, you will learn more about our meticulous process of selecting and reviewing pizza ovens. The rigorous evaluations of our selected pizza ovens are conducted at our esteemed establishment.

The Selection Process

At Dequte Restaurant LironBoylston, we don’t just review pizza ovens; we invest in them. Each oven that graces our kitchen is carefully selected, purchased, unboxed, and thoroughly examined.

Our goal is to ensure that the ovens we choose contribute to the exceptional quality of our dishes. We understand that the success of any culinary venture hinges on the tools we use, and pizza ovens are no exception.

We evaluate the pizza ovens based on the important factors crucial in selecting a pizza oven, such as: 

  • Ease of use and assembly
  • Power source and temperature control 
  • Conducting a pizza cooking test
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Price
  • Reviews from other users

Ease of Use and Assembly

One of the primary factors we evaluate is the user-friendliness of the pizza oven. We believe a great oven should be simple to use. Easy-to-use pizza ovens allow our chefs to focus on crafting delicious pizzas rather than wrestling with complicated controls. Our assessments consider the oven’s design’s intuitiveness and its instructions’ clarity.

Testing Power Source and Temperature Control

We always test the pizza oven’s power source and temperature control right after unboxing and assembling it. Accurate temperature control is paramount in achieving the perfect pizza crust. 

We use specialized thermometers to measure the oven’s temperature and evaluate its ability to maintain consistent heat levels to ensure precision.

Pizza Cook Test

The efficiency and quality of a pizza oven are put to the ultimate test when we prepare a classic Margherita pizza. This test showcases the oven’s capabilities and gauges how seamlessly it can handle pizza-making. We pay close attention to the oven’s ability to cook the crust evenly, melt the cheese to perfection, and infuse the flavors of the toppings.

Ease of Cleaning Test

An often-overlooked aspect of pizza oven reviews is the ease of cleaning and maintenance. Maintaining the pristine condition of a pizza oven impacts its longevity. 

Our evaluation includes assessing how easy it is to remove food residue and oil and ensuring that our ovens remain in optimal condition.


Price is a significant factor in our review process. The value of a pizza oven should align with its features and performance.

A fair price ensures that our kitchen and customers benefit from the investment. Our reviews briefly discuss whether the oven is worth buying and how it contributes to the overall rating.

Checking Other Feedback

To produce a fair and objective review, we also go through a lot of online reviews. This step involves considering the experiences of other users, including renowned chefs and pizza enthusiasts. Their insights provide valuable perspectives that complement our hands-on assessments.


Our pizza oven reviews at Dequte Restaurant LironBoylston are the result of extensive testing and careful consideration of various factors.

Based on the given tests and criteria, we provide a score of 1 to 5, with five being the highest.

Our commitment to excellence in the kitchen extends to the tools we use, ensuring that every pizza we create is a masterpiece in its own right.

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