Solo Stove Pi Prime Pizza Oven Review: Efficiency, Design, and Taste Test

Solo Stove Pi Prime Pizza Oven Review

Being a restaurant chef for over a decade, I’ve enjoyed experimenting with various outdoor pizza ovens. Pizzas are one of the favorite dishes at my restaurant, Dequte Restaurant LironBoylston. Hence, it is essential to have a high-quality pizza oven to create the perfect pizza.

We recently tested the Solo Stove Pi Prime. It is worth noting that the Solo Stove Pi Prime differs from the Solo Stove Pi model—the primary distinction between the two lies in their power sources. The Pi utilizes multiple fuel options, while the Pi Prime exclusively relies on propane gas. 

We have reviewed various outdoor pizza ovens in the past. Having had prior experience with other brands, including the widely acclaimed Ooni, we approached this review with a keen eye for the factors that truly matter in crafting pizzas.

How Solo Stove Pi Prime Works

The Solo Stove Pi Prime arrived with all the essentials for a smooth setup. I placed the unit on a heat-safe surface, inserted the baking stones, and connected the propane tank easily. Pay careful attention to the instruction manual’s illustrations to ensure you have the correct placement of the stones.

Unboxing Solo Stove Pi Prime and First Impression

Unboxing Solo Stove Pi Prime and First Impression

Unboxing the Solo Stove Pi Prime revealed a well-packaged and sturdy unit. My first impression was positive, as the build quality and attention to detail were evident. The sleek design and compact form added to the oven’s overall appeal.

Quality and Materials

The Solo Stove Pi Prime’s durable construction and high-quality materials impressed us. The stainless steel body exuded durability and promised efficient heat retention—essential to achieving that perfect, crispy pizza crust.


Shape of Solo Stove Pi Prime pizza oven

The Solo Stove Pi Prime’s cylindrical shape is purposeful for pizza enthusiasts. This design ensures even heat distribution, which is crucial for achieving a consistent bake across the entire pizza. The flared opening allows for effortless maneuvering of a 12-inch pizza peel, simplifying the cooking process.

Temperature Control

While the temperature control dial lacks specific markings, it provides a functional baseline for pizza-making. I recommend using a specialized thermometer to fine-tune the cooking process.

Using Solo Stove Pi Prime For The First Time

Using Solo Stove Pi Prime For The First Time

Our first encounter with the Solo Stove Pi Prime was a delight. We crafted a 12-inch Margherita pizza just like the other pizza ovens we tested. Following the preheating instructions, the Solo Stove Pi Prime delivered a beautifully browned pizza with a perfectly melted cheese pull in just 90 seconds.

Power Source

The Pi Prime operates on propane gas, offering a level of convenience unmatched in outdoor pizza cooking. 

Propane gas ensures consistent heat supply throughout the cooking process. The controlled and steady flame generated by propane allows for precise temperature management. 

Additionally, propane burns cleanly and efficiently, producing a high-temperature flame that rapidly heats the oven to the desired cooking temperature. 


With dimensions of 15.5 inches in height and 20.5 inches in diameter and weighing 30 pounds, the Solo Stove Pi Prime is portable without sacrificing capacity. Still, it is worth noting that other pizza ovens in the market are lighter and easier to transport.

How To Clean the Solo Stove Pi Prime

How To Clean the Solo Stove Pi Prime

Cleaning the Solo Stove Pi Prime after a pizza-making session is a breeze.

For the stones, I recommend cleaning them while the oven is still hot. Utilizing a grill brush with a scraper head efficiently removes any baked-on remnants, whether the stones are hot or cold.

A simple wipe with a dry towel suffices to address any crumbs that may have fallen between the stones during the cooking process. Allow the stones to cool down before wiping them down.

The exterior of the Pi Prime requires no more than a wipe-down with soapy water to eliminate any splashed or accumulated grease. 

Can I Use Pi Prime Indoors?

The Solo Stove Pi Prime is best for outdoor use only. The high temperatures reached during operation make it unsuitable for indoor use.

How Long Does It Take To Cook Pizza in Pi Prime?

How Long Does It Take To Cook Pizza in Pi Prime?

As mentioned, we made a classic Margherita pizza to test this pizza oven. The Solo Stove Pi Prime showcased its efficiency, delivering a perfectly cooked pizza in just 90 seconds. It was a quick cooking process, and the results were fantastic.

How Long Does It Take For Pi Prime To Warm Up?

The Solo Stove Pi Prime demonstrated a quick warm-up time. It can reach optimal pizza-cooking temperatures in just 15 minutes. Its demi-dome design aids in its efficiency in the fast cooking of pizzas.

Can I Cook Other Foods Besides Pizza In It?

Yes, the Pi Prime can also be used for foods other than pizza, such as steak and vegetables. We were also able to test it and were so happy with the outcome.


Solo Stove Pi Prime Pizza Oven Downsides

Despite its many merits, the Solo Stove Pi Prime is not without its downsides. One notable drawback is the absence of a built-in thermometer. While the Pi Prime provides a functional temperature control dial, users need to rely on external temperature gauges, impacting the precision of the cooking process.

The Solo Stove Pi Prime relies solely on propane gas as its fuel source. While propane is convenient and efficient, some users might prefer the flexibility of using alternative fuels. 


The Solo Stove Pi Prime’s price is justified by its build quality, functionality, and the authentic wood-fired taste it imparts to pizzas. While it may be a bit higher than some competitors, the investment is worthwhile for pizza lovers.

How Does It Compare to Other Outdoor Pizza Ovens?

The Solo Stove Pi Prime holds its own compared to other outdoor pizza ovens. Its design, construction, and performance are at par with some of the best in the market. However, I still vouch for Ooni as the best outdoor pizza oven.

What Others Say

What Others Say about Solo Stove Pi Prime

Reviews from various sources, including Amazon and Reddit, provide valuable insights into the Solo Stove Prime Pi. Users appreciate the Solo Stove Pi Prime’s quality, ease of use, and the exceptional flavor it adds to pizzas.

Some users have expressed a desire for a built-in thermometer on the Pi Prime. They mention that while functional, relying on a handheld thermometer gun can be slightly inconvenient. A built-in thermometer would streamline the temperature monitoring process and eliminate the need for an additional tool.

Another user pointed out a disappointment regarding the compatibility of the Pi Prime with the Pi stand. The Pi stand, designed for the Solo Stove Pi, is incompatible with the Pi Prime, creating limitations in accessory interchangeability.

On a positive note, a reviewer highlighted the Solo Stove Pi Prime’s excellent feature of producing no smoke and leaving no strong odor on clothes. This aspect is particularly noteworthy, as it contributes to a pleasant cooking environment.

My Cooking Tips For Using Solo Stove Pi Prime

baking pizza in Solo Stove Pi Prime Pizza Oven

Enhance your Solo Stove Pi Prime cooking experience with these expert tips:

Optimal Stone Temperature

Before diving into your pizza-making adventure, ensure your Pi Prime’s cordierite stones reach the desired temperature. I suggest using an Infrared Thermometer so you can precisely gauge the heat.

Strategic Pizza Launch

When launching your pizza into the oven, exercise patience. Allow the pizza to rest on the stone for a minimum of 20 seconds before initiating any rotations. This brief pause optimizes the initial stages of the cooking process, contributing to a well-baked and evenly-cooked pizza.

Strategic Turning for Even Baking

Recognize that the back of the oven tends to be the hottest zone. To achieve uniform baking, rotate your pizza a full 360 degrees during the cooking process. This step ensures that every section of your pizza receives an equal share of heat, preventing uneven cooking and guaranteeing a consistent outcome.


conclusion of the article Solo Stove Pi Prime Pizza Oven

The Solo Stove Pi Prime proves to be a commendable addition to the outdoor pizza oven landscape. While it may not dethrone the Ooni as the ultimate pizza oven, it certainly holds its ground with impressive build quality, efficient performance, and that coveted wood-fired taste. 

For those who value authenticity and are willing to invest in a top-tier outdoor pizza oven, the Solo Stove Pi Prime is undoubtedly worth considering.

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