Carbon Pizza Oven Review: Expert Testing and Insights

Carbon Pizza Oven Review

Upgrade your dishes with the Carbon Pizza Oven. It’s been around since 2020, but it is only now getting some attention. This oven is said to make your comfort food even better. Whether you prefer thin or thick crusts, the Carbon Pizza Oven got your back. It promises wood-fired flavor without the need for wood, but can it replicate the flavor of traditional wood-fired ovens?

Features Of The Carbon Pizza Oven

These are just some of the main features of the Carbon Pizza Oven: 

Upper Burner Features:

  • Separate upper and lower burner for precise temperature control.
  • Temperatures reaching up to 950+°F for perfect cooking.

Lower Burner Features:

  • Available in Propane or Natural Gas options for flexibility.
  • Stainless steel interior construction ensures durability and easy cleaning.

What’s Included:

  • The box contains the Carbon Oven, gas regulator and hose, brick, and premium pizza peel.
  • Collapsible legs allow for convenient storage and transport.

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Dimensions 23.2”L x 18.38” W x 14.4”H
Square Pizza Stone Dimensions 15”L x 15”W
Weight 60lb
Material Stainless Steel
Fire Brick 5/8” 
Front Opening 3.75″

Assembly And Usability Of Carbon Pizza Oven

Assembly And Usability Of Carbon Pizza Oven

Assembling and using the carbon pizza oven is generally quite simple. It is portable and doesn’t weigh much over 50 lbs, though moving it can be awkward. If you need to move it around, a cart with wheels is probably best for this job.

Folding and unfolding the legs is also easy. But for some people, it may be hard to lift half of the weight of the oven. It’s easier to balance on four legs than two or three.

To install the stone, just slide the cover piece to lock the stone in place and screw a few screws. Before you can use the line, hand-tighten those connections and check the connections for leaks by spraying a soapy solution on them and turning the propane on to look at bubbles running.

There are two dials on the back, labeled “Upper” and “Lower.”. Turn each of them counterclockwise to the maximum position for preheating. I normally start with the lower burner and then switch to the upper one.

Unboxing And First Impressions Of Carbon Pizza Oven

I appreciate Carbon’s attention to detail in their branding. They stamp their logo into the metal of their oven, which not only looks cool but also allows you to see the flames underneath. The oven is designed with heat retention in mind, made of durable carbon steel with insulation. The black color is sleek and hides soot well. The construction reminds me of Bertello ovens, with a black sheet metal look and lots of rivets. Inside, there is visible insulation at the seams and the burner assembly has multiple connections in the gas piping. However, it doesn’t affect performance and I double-checked for leaks.

Quality And Materials Of Carbon Oven

Quality And Materials Of Carbon Oven

This pizza oven is made from stainless steel with a rust-resistant coating. This oven is supposedly able to withstand all weather conditions. Unlike other portable ovens, it uses firebricks for even heat distribution, so you can perfectly cook pizzas every time. The included cover can help extend its lifespan, although it may be a tight fit. Folding in the legs could potentially improve the fit.

Power Source Of The Carbon Pizza Oven And What Makes The best pizza?

This portable oven is unique with firebricks for even heat distribution and perfect pizzas. It has two heat controls, reaching up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit for crispy crusts. 

And since it uses propane, you don’t have to babysit the oven so you can keep refilling wood pellets. You can easily adjust the temperature to 500 degrees Fahrenheit for a gentler cooking experience. As for the best pizza, it really depends on your preference but for me, the best pizza has that smokiness that traditional wood ovens give. 

Size Of Carbon Pizza Oven

The Carbon pizza oven is compact, yet will easily fit a pizza up to 15 inches in diameter and 3.4 inches high. Although small enough to be stored easily elsewhere, the oven has a big space to cook your meals. You can put two small pizzas at once or with different dishes like garlic breads and cookies put next to each other in parallel instead.

How To Clean The Carbon Pizza Oven? 

How To Clean The Carbon Pizza Oven?

The carbon pizza oven is relatively easy to clean. The company supplies a cleaning brush with bristles that are perpendicular, which really helps. After every use, make sure to clean the oven to prevent food from sticking to its bottom firebrick.

Is It Possible To Use The Carbon Pizza Oven Inside The House?

I wouldn’t suggest using the Carbon Pizza Oven inside the house. In my experience, temperatures can get as high as 950-1000 Fahrenheit. This means it’s going to get pretty hot indoors. As much as I enjoy being indoors, it’s not safe to cook anything with this inside.The prime concern here is safety. The oven’s intense heat could easily lead to fire hazards and, more worryingly for one’s health, carbon monoxide buildup indoors. So, I’ll just stick with using my Carbon Pizza Oven outdoors.

How Much Time Does The Carbon Pizza Oven Take To Make A Margherita Pizza?

How Much Time Does The Carbon Pizza Oven Take To Make A Margherita Pizza?

So following the manual, I put my Margherita pizza on when the stone hit 670 degrees. It seemed a bit low, but I still followed the instruction. The first time round my crust was a bit underdone, and I had to take it out before it burned. The top crust was not to my taste, but the cheese melted just right. The bottom crust definitely needed more heat. On my second try, I let the stone to heat up to 740 degrees. This time, the bake only took about 80 seconds and the result was great. I liked the browning of the edge crust, while each its lower side had a firm texture. But another 15 seconds could’ve made the underside even tastier. And at 760 degrees, it was just right. And it took just 5 minutes to prepare the pizza to bake from yesterday, in which the stone warmed up 20 degrees. 

Pre-Heating Time On Carbon Pizza Oven

This oven quickly heats up, you can cook back-to-back without much waiting time.Carbon Pizza oven stone just 10 minutes to be heated to the proper temperature, the first time.It helps to keep the stone from getting too hot and the pizza crust possibly from burning. So you should turn the bottom burner down to its lowest setting especially when oven is hot. If the stone starts cooling down too much, you can always turn it up again.

What Else Can You Cook In The Carbon Pizza Oven?

What Else Can You Cook In The Carbon Pizza Oven?

Pizza of course gets a lot of attention, but this oven can actually make all sorts of delicious food. Just picture well-roasted vegetables with a perfect char, tender BBQ ribs, and tasty fruit cobblers. Although it’s propane-powered so can’t produce any smokiness, the tastes are still great. But something to keep in mind-it is expensive, especially since it is fixed on burning one kind of fuel only. Compared to other top brands, the quality is not quite as good. And, remember, it takes only a pie up to 14 inches.

Price Of The Carbon Pizza Oven

Price Of The Carbon Pizza Oven

On the official site, the Carbon Pizza Oven sells for about $699, not including shipping fees. But now you can pay as little as $64 per month if finance with Affirm. Plus, they give you a two year guarantee in case your product has any problems. And for any purchases over $100 , the delivery is free. If it doesn’t meet your needs, you can return it within 30 days without any trouble. 

How Does The Carbon Pizza Oven Compare To Other Outdoor Pizza Ovens?

The Carbon pizza oven is a great option for achieving that perfect crispy crust on your pizzas, just like the ones from top brands like Ooni. It’s reasonably priced and looks sleek. Plus, it heats up quickly and ensures even cooking, which is fantastic. Just remember, it comes with accessories but can’t be used with wood for cooking.

User Reviews Of Carbon Pizza Oven

User Reviews Of Carbon Pizza Oven

Based on my experience and what i have seen online, including checking out reviews on YouTube and Reddit, I’ve noticed a few things about the Carbon pizza oven. I agree that its dual burners make it easy to keep the oven hot for cooking multiple pizzas. The flame it emits is most certainly impressive, though. In addition, unlike some other brands on the market today, it heats up very fast, even in colder weather.

But, I did come across a couple of downsides. Carbon’s oven is quite expensive, especially since it is only using propane. Another thing that users have said that the craftsmanship isn’t as good as other brands like Ooni. Regardless of these problems, I still believe it has potential.

My Cooking Tips For Carbon Pizza Oven

  • After preheating the oven, adjust the bottom burner to avoid burning the crust.
  • Cook for a bit longer if you notice the stone cooling down.
  • Use metal surfaces inside the oven to prevent cracking glass or plastic.
  • Use the oven with extended supports for added safety.

Is the Carbon Pizza Oven Worth It? 

Is the Carbon Pizza Oven Worth It?

I won’t deny the results are definitely tasty, but the price can be a bit too much. Personally, I think it should be cheaper, maybe around $400-$500 maximum. Even though it doesn’t have all the fancy features of other brands, it still delivers delicious pizza. At the end of the day, the choice is yours to make. Despite the high price tag, the results can speak for itself.


  • Preheats in 15-30 minutes
  • Premium design
  • Has dual burners


  • Expensive
  • Low quality build
  • Limited to 14″ pizzas.

Chef’s Opinions

When it comes to outdoor pizza ovens, the Carbon Oven is a good choice, but Ooni pizza ovens are often preferred in this price range. Ooni ovens combine better quality with many more features and indeed bigger cooking areas, making them ever-so-good at everything. However, if you’re attracted by some unique points of the carbon oven, such as its dual burners and fast heating, it may still be worth considering. While it has its flaws, it helps make the process exciting. Though, If you want more features for the same price, I recommend you to choose an Ooni oven instead.

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