Deco Chef Pizza Oven Review: Features, Pros, and Cons

Deco Chef Pizza Oven Review

Pizza is a favorite American food enjoyed by many. But making it taste just right can be tough with a regular oven. That’s why people get special pizza ovens like the Deco Chef Pizza Oven. It’s not just for pizza – you can cook lots of stuff outside with it. It’s easy to move around and comes with all you need to make great pizza. But is it the right pick for your family?

Features Of Deco Chef Pizza Oven

Enjoy the smoky flavor of wood-fired cooking right at home!

  • Built tough with long-lasting stainless steel.
  • Cooking area: 13 square inches
  • High heat: Reaches up to 950°F for tasty wood-fired flavor
  • Easy to use: Just add hardwood pellets (not included)
  • 2-in-1: Doubles as a grill

Product Specifications

Overall Surface Area 17.5” H X 16.73” W X 18.3” D
Cooking Area 10.3” H X 15.7” W X 14.4” D
Oven Cooking Mode Conduction
Installation Type ‎Countertop
Control Type Knob
Fuel type Wood
Special Features Reaches temperatures up to 950°F for fast cooking

Assembly And Usability Of Deco Chef Pizza Oven

Assembly And Usability Of Deco Chef Pizza Oven

I found Deco Chef Pizza Oven easy to assemble. First, I unpacked the oven and set it on a flat surface at my home. Then, for folding models like me; I followed instructions to attach a rotation handle onto the pizza oven. Lastly putting in place a fuel tray and grilling grate. To heat up the oven, I used lump charcoal or hardwood pellets. To preheat for 15-20 minutes, and once reached temperature I put pizza stone inside for even heating up of it. There was a built-in thermometer which always monitored temperature. It also has three-layer insulation which is one thing that impressed me about this oven . When using it ash does not get into food at all. No matter how cold it gets outside cooking temperature stays same as before.

Unboxing And First Impressions Of Deco Chef Pizza Oven

At first glance, the Deco Chef Pizza Oven looked great. It was easy to put together, and I thought it felt very solid. I was also happy to know that there were accessories included in the package. I loved the design of the oven’s accessories, and it helped make cooking easier. In the box, there were safe handles on the oven door and fuel tray, as well as a pizza peel and dough scraper. The pizza/baking stone and slotted grill with drip tray can also be removed to cook bigger servings or dishes. All in all, I really think this product has a lot of potential.

Quality And Materials Of Deco Chef Pizza Oven

Quality And Materials Of Deco Chef Pizza Oven

Deco Chef’s Pizza Oven is made of stainless steel and lasts a long time without rusting or breaking easily. It cooks well and stays tough with three layers of insulation. Whether you’re at home or on the move, it gives great results every time. It’s a smart choice for people who like cooking on the move because it’s affordable and still good quality.

Shape And Its Importance For Pizza Cooking

This pizza oven has a half-circle shape that bakes pizzas evenly. So, with its 13-inch diameter it serves for small or medium-sized pizzas and steaks as well as barbeques. Still large or extra-large size pizzas present some difficulty in putting them into and removing from the oven. 

Temperature Control Of Deco Chef Pizza Oven

Temperature Control Of Deco Chef Pizza Oven

The Deco Chef Pizza Oven is a very easy to use product because the temperature can be adjusted through its front knob which means you do not have to worry about complicated procedures for learning how to use it. The temperature control is decent, sometimes inconsistent but for its price, it is not too bad.

Using Deco Chef Pizza Oven For The First Time

I would advise setting it up on any sturdy surface and connecting any parts necessary like its rotation handle where applicable. I recommend adding more pellets progressively so as not to have an imbalance in heat so there will be a steady flame.  I noticed that preheating to 950°F is needed for consistent heat distribution, but be mindful of potential issues like uneven heating and overly hot stones. I also recommend being careful when adding pellets through the open rear, as it may lead to heat loss. Keep a close eye on the oven, especially in windy conditions, to ensure safe and effective use. 

Power source of Deco Chef Pizza Oven and what makes the best pizza?

Power source of Deco Chef Pizza Oven and what makes the best pizza?

The Deco Chef Pizza Oven is fueled by hardwood pellets. And because of that you will need to keep refilling a small pot with burners that hold pellets to keep it burning. But this oven is a perfect example for making great pizzas: smoky, and flavorful.

Size Of Deco Chef Pizza Oven

It’s 15.5 inches in width, 20.5 inches long and 29.1 inches tall. This does not weigh much so it is portable enough for anyone carrying them outside his or her home backyard or even during camping trips. 

How to clean the Deco Chef Pizza Oven?

How to clean the Deco Chef Pizza Oven?

It is made of stainless steel, so it’s easy to clean. You just have to wipe the outside and brush the insides with soapy water and wipe it down. And you can still take off things like the fuel tray and drip tray for easy cleaning.

Is it possible to use Deco Chef Pizza Oven inside the house?

It might be unsafe to use the Deco Chef Pizza Oven indoors even though you technically can. In case there isn’t enough air circulation, the oven could start a fire or carbon monoxide could form and suffocate everyone inside. It is better to cook in an open space where there is good ventilation.

How much time does the Deco Chef Pizza Oven take to make a Margherita pizza?

How much time does the Deco Chef Pizza Oven take to make a Margherita pizza?

It usually takes me about 60 to 90 seconds to cook a Margherita pizza in the Deco Chef Pizza Oven. But, this can change depending on how hot the oven is and the thickness of the crust. With some practice, you can make a pizza just like those in restaurants from your backyard at home. I have personally done this many times and I always get good results!

Pre-Heating Time On Deco Chef Pizza Oven

The Deco Chef Pizza Oven usually takes about fifteen to twenty minutes for preheating. It’s really important to wait until the oven is hot enough before putting your pizza in. This way, your pizza will cook evenly and have a nice crispy crust. You can check the built-in thermometer to see when the oven is ready to use. 

What else can you cook in the Deco Chef Pizza Oven?

What else can you cook in the Deco Chef Pizza Oven?

The Deco Chef Pizza Oven was an amazing thing that I used to prepare sausages, fish and other delicious meals. The Deco Chef Pizza oven is not only meant for pizzas because it can easily cook a wide variety of meals. But, it is better for smaller and flatter dishes like sandwiches or pizzas.

Drawbacks Of Deco Chef Pizza Oven

My experience with the Deco Chef pizza oven wasn’t terrible. But I do agree there are some downsides too. This may include the cold stone temperature as well as poor insulation which can lead to undercooked food. Another issue was trying so hard to keep fire consistently high especially since this oven is heavy although small.

I noticed that while using it I had to feed wood pellets into it constantly so that fire could burn nicely and not produce much smoke mainly if used inside having nice air flow. Besides, it needs regular servicing for proper functioning.

The crust on pizza can be better because of the uneven heat, nevertheless mine were okay when I made them. Even with these issues, the Deco Chef Pizza Oven could still be a good choice if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to learn how to use it properly and take care of it.

Price Of Deco Chef Pizza Oven

Price Of Deco Chef Pizza Oven

The Deco Chef Pizza Oven is not that expensive at $289.99 for the stainless steel model, but its durability, cooking temperatures and versatility make it a good buy. Additionally, it comes with useful attachments such as a pizza stone and grilling grate. The black costs 442.57, which is much more compared to stainless steel. 

How does the Deco Chef Pizza Oven compare to other outdoor pizza ovens?

When compared with other outdoor pizza ovens, The Deco Chef Pizza Oven has had some mixed reviews. I like that it can be moved around and reaches high temperatures as high as 950°F. Nevertheless, there have been difficulties when trying to maintain a consistently high temperature over 550°F for baking pizzas. However, fluctuations in temperature while cooking have also been observed among other customers. Nonetheless, those who like outdoor cooking are happy with how multi-purpose this device can be used as both a pizza oven and grill.

User Reviews Of Deco Chef Pizza Oven

User Reviews Of Deco Chef Pizza Oven

I both love and hate the Deco Chef Pizza Oven. Some people are happy with all the accompanying stuff it provides just at $289.99 like the Pizza Stone, Peel, Scraper, Scoop and Slotted Grill. Nevertheless, several customers perceive that there are downsides in this oven.

The Deco Chef Pizza Oven is designed specifically for lower-fire pizzas that require longer cooking time, and you can use it with hardwood pellets or lump charcoal as well. However, maintaining temperatures above 550°F consistently can be challenging while some may not find its temperature control precise enough.

There is a lot to be expected from Deco Chef Pizza Oven but it only falls short of expectations. For example few users have also proposed adding hybrid fuel options rather than using hardwood pellets alone. But since it is quite small, it’s great for making 13-inch pizzas so the kids or teens really love it.

My Cooking Tips For Deco Chef Pizza Oven

Here are some cooking tips for using the Deco Chef Pizza Oven:

  • Start your oven early, allowing 2-3 hours for the wood to burn and the stone to reach the desired temperature range.
  • Use a hardwood like oak or maple for a distinct flavor and longer burn time than softwoods.
  • Use a peel to turn the pizza every 30 seconds to ensure even cooking and prevent burning.
  • Raise the pizza into the oven dome for a few seconds to provide a nice, light char and crispy edge on the pizza top.
  • Start by adding a few pellets or a few of these pizza ovens come with a certain characteristic whereby they are loaded with pellets that will burn on their own. 
  • When trying to ignite flames in strong winds, be careful as they might leak from the fire box again. 

Is the Deco Chef Pizza Oven Worth It?

Is the Deco Chef Pizza Oven Worth It?

Just like with a lot of things, there are tons of great features on this oven, but there are also a good amount of not-so-good things about it:


  • Easy to set up
  • Portable
  • Sleek appearance


  • Learning curve before using
  • Temperature is hard to maintain

Chef’s Opinions

The Deco Chef Pizza Oven is definitely worth it! Even though it may take some time to get the hang of it, it’s totally worth the price. It’s a smart idea to watch a tutorial before using it and always keep an eye on it because it cooks fast. Even though it has a few downsides, I still think it’s a great buy because it’s portable, has different fuel options, and is reasonably priced. All in all, it’s really versatile and can be used for all sorts of meals, which is perfect for pizza lovers like me. However, if you’re open to other options, I recommend checking out the Ooni pizza oven. It’s known for its amazing performance and has a great reputation in the market.

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