AmazonBasics VS Our Table: Which Dutch Oven Excels in Quality?

comparison of AmazonBasics VS Our table

As a seasoned restaurant chef with over a decade of experience in the culinary field, I have embarked on a journey to find the best Dutch ovens available. My focus has been on rigorously testing and comparing different brands to see how they measure up. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at two popular options: the AmazonBasics Dutch Oven and the Our Table Dutch Oven. Our comparison will be based on several crucial factors that are key to determining their quality and usability in a kitchen setting. These factors include:

  • Material
  • Weight
  • Heat retention and compatibility
  • Lid fit
  • Handles and product design
  • Colors
  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • Durability and performance
  • Warranty
  • Price

The AmazonBasics Dutch Oven is an affordable kitchen essential that combines classic design with modern convenience. Learn more about the features of this Dutch oven below.

Our Table is a relatively newer entrant in the Dutch oven market, offering a range of cookware designed to cater to modern cooking needs. Although not as steeped in history as Lodge, this Dutch oven has quickly gained popularity for its innovative designs and functionality.

Despite not making the TOP-5 best Dutch ovens list for some reasons, these two Dutch ovens are strong contenders.

Join me as we delve into the details of these Dutch ovens, providing insights that will help you decide which one best meets your cooking needs and preferences.

AmazonBasics VS Our Table: Material

AmazonBasics Our Table
The AmazonBasics Dutch Oven is made of high-quality cast iron. This classic material ensures even cooking and maintains heat effectively. However, I noticed a slight difference in its thickness compared to other Dutch ovens I have tested. AmazonBasics seems lighter and not as thick as other Dutch oven brands. Our Table Dutch Ovens are constructed from enameled cast iron, offering the benefits of cast iron with an added layer of enamel for a non-stick surface and easier maintenance.

AmazonBasics VS Our Table: Weight

AmazonBasics Our Table
The AmazonBasics Dutch oven, weighing around 13 pounds, is relatively manageable to lift and move, making it suitable for home cooks. These ovens are slightly lighter than traditional cast iron Dutch ovens, which can be a plus for those who prefer a more manageable weight.

AmazonBasics VS Our Table: Heat Retention and Compatibility

AmazonBasics Our Table
The AmazonBasics Dutch Oven excels in heat retention. It can maintain a consistent cooking temperature during slow cooking. It’s compatible with a variety of stovetops, including induction. Additionally, it is also oven-safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Our Table Dutch Ovens provide excellent heat retention and are compatible with various heat sources, including stovetops and ovens. 

AmazonBasics VS Our Table: Lid Fit

AmazonBasics Our Table
The AmazonBasics Dutch Oven features a snug-fitting lid to trap moisture and flavor, but some steam leakage was observed during cooking. Despite this, my dishes still turned out to be flavorful and succulent. Although the Dutch oven cover was tight, I observed a minor steam leak while cooking. This leak could potentially affect the cooking process. However, this minor flaw had no significant effect on the outcome of my dishes.

AmazonBasics VS Our Table: Handles and Product Design

AmazonBasics Our Table
The AmazonBasics Dutch Oven has sturdy, oversized handles for easy handling, even when filled with heavy dishes. The design is classic and elegant, making it suitable for serving dishes on the dining table, though it may not match the grandeur of other well-known Dutch ovens. Our Table Dutch Oven features ergonomic, modern handles and a sleek design. Overall, this Dutch Oven’s design is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

AmazonBasics VS Our Table: Colors

AmazonBasics Our Table
The AmazonBasics Dutch Oven offers a variety of color options, including blue, gray, green, light pink, matte navy, matte white, navy, orange, purple, red, and white. Our Table offers a few Dutch Oven color options (red, blue, and gray), so you can choose a Dutch oven that complements your kitchen decor.

AmazonBasics VS Our Table: Maintenance and Cleaning

AmazonBasics Our Table
The AmazonBasics Dutch Oven is not dishwasher safe, and the manufacturer recommends hand washing. It can be a little difficult to clean as it needs soaking and multiple rounds of scrubbing to remove food residue. This Dutch oven might not be the best choice if you prefer low-maintenance cleaning. Compared to my experience with other Dutch ovens, maintaining the cleanliness of this particular one can be somewhat demanding. The enamel interior has a tendency to retain residue, and stubborn stains may require more work to remove. Furthermore, this Dutch oven isn’t suitable for dishwasher use, so manual handwashing is needed.

AmazonBasics VS Our Table: Durability and Performance

AmazonBasics Our Table
After continuous usage, the AmazonBasics Dutch Oven exhibits no wear and tear indications, suggesting its durability. Its kitchen performance is consistently reliable, consistently producing excellent results with dishes. Our Table Dutch Ovens provide excellent cooking performance and durability, though they may not last as long as traditional cast iron.

AmazonBasics VS Our Table: Warranty

AmazonBasics Our Table
The AmazonBasics Dutch Oven offers a standard one-year warranty, which is typical. Some premium Dutch oven brands provide a lifetime warranty but often come with a higher price tag. This Dutch oven comes with a more limited warranty compared to other brands. Furthermore, there have been instances where users expressed frustration over their inability to receive refunds when the product did not meet their expectations.

AmazonBasics VS Our Table: Price

AmazonBasics Our Table
Typically, AmazonBasics Dutch Oven is more budget-friendly. Hence, it is more accessible to a broader range of consumers. Our Table Dutch Ovens are competitively priced, offering a more affordable option for those looking for quality enameled cast iron cookware.

Cooking Test

Red Wine Braised Short Rib in The Our Table Dutch Oven

To assess the culinary performance of the AmazonBasics Dutch Oven and the Our Table Dutch Oven, we undertook a practical cooking experiment by preparing Red Wine Braised Short Ribs. This experiment honed in on three vital criteria: Browning, Moisture Retention, and Final Flavor. These factors are essential in evaluating the effectiveness and quality of a Dutch oven in a real kitchen scenario.


browning Amazonbasic

The AmazonBasics Dutch Oven demonstrated superior browning results. The even heat distribution and snug-fitting lid allowed for precise control over browning, ensuring a beautifully caramelized exterior on our red wine-braised short Ribs.

The Our Table Dutch Oven also performed well in browning. The even heat distribution provided a consistent sear, although it was slightly less intense compared to the AmazonBasics. Nonetheless, the meat achieved a satisfactory browning.

Moisture Retention

AmazonBasics Dutch oven shows some steam leakage during cooking.

The Our Table Dutch Oven also displayed good moisture retention. It still managed to keep dishes sufficiently moist and flavorful.

Final Flavor

final flavor AmazonBasics VS Our table

The AmazonBasics Dutch Oven delivered a rich, deep flavor in our Red Wine Braised Short Ribs. The Dutch oven enhanced its flavors and made every bite enjoyable.

The Our Table Dutch Oven also produced vibrant and flavorful braised short ribs. Although there is a little difference in terms of tenderness, the dish still turned out pretty well.

How We Tested

To fairly compare the AmazonBasics and Our Table Dutch Ovens, we carried out a detailed cooking test using Red Wine Braised Short Ribs, applying the same cooking technique to both ovens.

The first step of our test focused on each oven’s ability to sear the meat effectively. Following this, we assessed how well they retained moisture, a crucial factor in dishes that require extended braising times. Lastly, we evaluated the flavor profiles of the ribs cooked in each oven, noting the depth and richness of the flavors.

This rigorous and uniform approach ensured an objective comparison of the two Dutch ovens based on these critical aspects.


In concluding our comprehensive comparison between the AmazonBasics Dutch Oven and the Our Table Dutch Oven, it’s clear that both have their strengths. As a seasoned restaurant chef with a wealth of experience, I’ve put these Dutch ovens through rigorous testing across various parameters like material, weight, heat retention, lid fit, design, color variety, maintenance, durability, warranty, and price. Each oven showed unique qualities, especially in our Red Wine Braised Short Ribs cooking test where aspects like browning, moisture retention, and final flavor were critically evaluated.

After thorough consideration and evaluation, the AmazonBasics Dutch Oven emerges as the winner in this comparison. Its superior browning capabilities, excellent moisture retention despite some steam leakage, and the rich, deep flavors it imparts to dishes give it a distinct edge. Its performance remains consistently reliable, showing no signs of wear and tear even after continuous use, underscoring its durability. Additionally, its variety in color options, classic design, and budget-friendly price make it an accessible choice for a wide range of consumers.

While the Our Table Dutch Oven also performed admirably, particularly in design and functionality, it falls just short of the AmazonBasics in terms of overall culinary performance. The minor differences in browning intensity and a slightly lesser depth in flavor profile were noticeable in our tests.

In conclusion, for those seeking a high-quality, durable, and versatile Dutch oven that provides excellent value for money, the AmazonBasics Dutch Oven is the clear choice. It’s a reliable kitchen companion that meets a variety of cooking needs, making it an ideal choice for both home cooks and culinary professionals alike.

Chef Bradley Thompson highly recommends to check his list of the best Dutch ovens.

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