Blackstone Pizza Oven Review: Pros, Cons, and Cooking Experience

Blackstone Pizza Oven Review

I enjoy experimenting with various outdoor pizza ovens for my restaurant, Dequte Restaurant LironBoylston. Our customers love our pizza. Hence, I am always on the lookout for the best pizza oven in the market to ensure that we always serve the perfect pizza. I have been a restaurant chef for ten years and over time, I have tried a lot of pizza ovens.

Among the outdoor pizza ovens in the market, the Blackstone Pizza Oven caught my attention. I decided to test it and evaluate it based on crucial aspects that matter in pizza making.

In this review, I will share insights gained from our thorough testing process and rate it based on our experience while also considering other users’ reviews.

How Blackstone Pizza Oven Works and How To Use It

The Blackstone Pizza Oven stands out with its robust and unique construction. It took us almost an hour to assemble and ensure everything fit snugly. Since it is pretty heavy including its stand, I recommend putting it together with help from another person. 

It took me a few attempts to get the burner started. When I turned on the ignition switch, I had to hold the dial in a certain position to keep the flame going. I was impressed because even while cooking on low, the high-pressure burner produces a tremendous amount of heat.

Operated by a small motor, the rotating stone can be powered either by plugging it in or using batteries. I like this feature as it eliminates the need for frequent manual turning. Hence, it is beneficial for those new to outdoor pizza oven cooking. Still, continuous monitoring is necessary due to the high heat.

Unboxing the Blackstone Pizza Oven and First Impression

Unboxing the Blackstone Pizza Oven and First Impression

Upon unboxing, it was evident that the parts were robust and durable. Each component is a bit hefty but it brings assurance that the oven is made with high-quality materials.

The Blackstone Pizza Oven is available with a stand or as a mobile cart. The oven takes up more space, but having a wheeled cart allows you to quickly move it about your garden or patio. While the oven can be put on a heat-safe countertop or table, its great weight needs the assistance of two people.

I find the burner powerful as it releases a significant amount of heat that causes the pizza oven’s exterior to get fairly hot. The radiant heat is also visible even two feet from the front of the oven. 

Quality and Materials

The Blackstone Pizza Oven boasts a solid build. The oven was evidently made with quality materials, including the following:

  • A stainless-steel cooking chamber that can withstand high temperatures,
  • A durable cast iron rotating tray base which helps in cooking the pizzas evenly,
  • A double-wall insulation in the cooking chamber for consistent and efficient pizza baking, and
  • Four locking swivel casters for stability and mobility.


Shape of Blackstone Pizza Oven

The Blackstone Pizza Oven has a unique design as its burner is placed away from the pizza stone. This feature eliminates the concerns about live flame contact. While I was impressed at first, the cooking test made me doubt this design.

Temperature Control

The Blackstone Pizza Oven can reach up to an impressive 900+ degrees. This capability ensures that the oven can achieve the high temperatures necessary for a crispy pizza crust.

Using The Blackstone Pizza Oven For The First Time

During my initial experience with the Blackstone Pizza Oven, I encountered a slight challenge lighting it up. However, after a few attempts, I quickly got the hang of it. Once ignited, I turned the heat regulator up to high to preheat the oven. I was impressed with its efficiency and its heating capacity.

What I noticed is that when the temperature is too high, the bottom of the pizza cooks quickly while the top does not. I think because the burner is placed away from the pizza stone, it results in uneven cooking.

Power Source

Power Source of Blackstone Pizza Oven

The Blackstone Pizza Oven draws its impressive cooking power from a single-round high-pressure propane burner. It delivers a substantial 60,000 BTUs per hour. This robust burner is the engine behind the oven’s capability to reach high temperatures swiftly.


The Blackstone Pizza Oven is a powerhouse equipment but it is heavy and takes up a lot of space. This oven is an excellent choice for our restaurant. However, for personal use, I still prefer a portable and lightweight pizza oven.

How To Clean Blackstone Pizza Oven

How To Clean Blackstone Pizza Oven

Keeping the Blackstone Pizza Oven in good shape is simple. First, make sure the oven is cool and unplugged before taking it apart for cleaning. I recommend using a soft brush to remove any big pieces of dirt. Then, wipe down the inside with a soft cloth. Also, clean and dry the pizza stone separately to get it prepare it for the next time you use it. 

Can I Use It Indoors?

No, the Blackstone Pizza Oven is designed for outdoor use. Using it indoors can be unsafe due to the high temperatures it reaches and the potential for ventilation issues.

How Long Does It Take To Cook Pizza in Blackstone Pizza Oven

How Long Does It Take To Cook Pizza in Blackstone Pizza Oven

In our test, we decided to make a classic Margherita pizza to gauge the cooking time. The time usually varies based on crust thickness and toppings. For our Margherita pizza, it only took 70 seconds to cook in the Blackstone Pizza Oven.

How Long Does It Take To Warm Up?

The Blackstone Pizza Oven is ready to cook in approximately 10 minutes. Because of its fast heating capability, the desired temperature is reached quickly.

Can I Cook Something Else Besides Pizza In It?

Can I Cook Something Else Besides Pizza In Blackstone Pizza Oven?

The Blackstone Pizza Oven is versatile enough to cook other items, such as flatbreads and vegetables. You can also try cooking meat and chicken in it. However, its design and intense heat make it best suited for pizza.


Despite its impressive features, the Blackstone Pizza Oven has a few downsides. I find its assembly to be time-consuming. You even need help from another person to put things together. The initial challenge of lighting up the burner might also pose a hurdle for some users. Additionally, the oven’s substantial weight can be a consideration for those with limited mobility.


price of Blackstone Pizza Oven

The price of the Blackstone Pizza Oven reflects its quality, innovative design, and powerful performance. While it may be higher than other pizza ovens, its price aligns with its capabilities and durability.

How Does it Compare to Other Outdoor Pizza Ovens?

Compared to other outdoor pizza ovens, the Blackstone Pizza Oven offers notable features and efficient cooking. However, personal preferences may vary. In my experience, the Ooni stands out as the top choice for a pizza oven.

Ooni has never failed me in terms of performance and user-friendly features. While the Blackstone impresses, the Ooni’s overall package remains my preferred option for achieving the perfect pizza.

What Others Say

What Others Say about Blackstone Pizza Oven

The Blackstone Pizza Oven has received mixed reviews from various sources. Some Amazon customers experienced difficulties in assembling the oven. Another reviewer highlighted a minor issue with excessive stickers on the oven, which were across the shelves, the front, and the hood.

On Reddit, the Blackstone Pizza Oven receives praises, with users expressing satisfaction over years of efficient use.

On the other hand, some pizza enthusiasts on YouTube also reflect the same sentiments as me with igniting the oven on the first try. There were also comments about how fast the bottom of the pizza cooks while the top is undone.

My Cooking Tips For Using This Oven

Based on my experience with the Blackstone Pizza Oven, here are some helpful cooking tips:

  • I discovered that setting the stone temperature below 700 degrees results in better-cooked pizza. Excessive heat can lead to a fast-cooked bottom while leaving the top insufficiently done.
  • It’s crucial to keep a close eye on the pizza while it cooks to avoid burning. Regularly rotate the pizza to ensure even cooking and a perfect crust.
  • Invest in an infrared thermometer for precise temperature control. This tool is essential for achieving the best pizza results.


Conclusion of review Blackstone Pizza Oven

While the Blackstone Pizza Oven offers impressive features and capabilities, it falls just short of my top recommendation. The Blackstone Pizza Oven is a solid choice for those seeking a powerful and versatile outdoor pizza oven. If you can overlook the downsides, like its design and weight, this pizza oven is a decent choice.

As a chef who prioritizes not only efficiency but also consistency, I still prefer the Ooni as the best pizza oven in the market. Ooni has consistently delivered exceptional performance, user-friendly features, and a well-rounded package that aligns perfectly with my culinary standards.

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