DeliVita Wood-fired Oven Review: Quality and Usability Tested

DeliVita Wood-fired Oven review

Do you want to enhance your outdoor cooking? DeliVita Wood-fired Oven is a product you should consider. It is small in size, beautiful and a good fit for any backyard or patio. This oven guarantees authentic wood-fired flavors from home and it’s well recognized for its modern design and performance. However, does it really serve its purpose as people claim? Let us find out whether the DeliVita Wood-fired Oven is worth it in this review.

Features Of The DeliVita Wood-fired Oven

Delivita brings a combo of style and elegance:

  • Professional-grade wood-fired oven
  • Handmade in Yorkshire with premium materials
  • Tabletop design for easy setup and transport
  • Available in 8 stylish colors
  • Reaches 550°C in just 25 minutes
  • Cooks pizza in 90 seconds
  • Portable and lightweight at 66 pounds
  • Outer Shell Technology keeps the exterior cool for safety

Product Specifications

Dimensions 65 × 59 × 35 cm
External Dimensions       65 X 59 (cm)
Internal Dimensions 54 X 50 (Cm)
Weight 66.2 lb
Heat up time 25 minutes
Material Fiber-glass, refectory stone, Stainless Steel
Maximum temperature 550 C

Assembly And Usability Of The DeliVita Wood-fired Oven

Assembly And Usability Of The DeliVita Wood-fired Oven

The DeliVita Wood-Fired Oven didn’t require any setup- it arrived ready to use. I was afraid that it would be like some barbeques with complicated installation process, but fortunately, everything was already set up. Besides the oven, I also got an all-weather cover, an oven brush, a pizza peel, a pizza cutter,a dough scraper,a prod and blow tool,a Fired recipe book and an infrared gun. Except the infrared gun,everything else came out of the box completely assembled.As such,you will need to find a good position for the oven before using it. Its special heatproof handles plus base means that you can place it anywhere solid enough to support 30kg of weight which it comes with. Since we have a small patio, we placed it on crate in an unused vegetable garden. It wasn’t the best option, but it was very safe and secured. However, you should know that despite its portable nature, moving around is not easy because of the weight that stands at 30 kg.

Unboxing And First Impressions Of The DeliVita Wood-fired Oven

When I unpacked my DeliVita Wood-fired Oven, I realized that the packaging was basic and recyclable which is good for the planet. Also the oven came pre-assembled so I didn’t need to figure out how to put it together myself. Another main quality of these ovens is their external layer made from special fiberglass which can withstand all kinds of weather conditions and heat generated. It differs from those traditional brick or clay ovens which are heavy and take long time to heat up. Moreover, with fiberglass material used in its construction, the heat inside becomes well-kept making it perfect for preparing various meals in them. You can also choose any color you like although it comes with a £300 fee. Surely enough, this modern oven looked trendy while functioning effectively.

Quality And Materials Of The DeliVita Wood-fired Oven

Quality And Materials Of The DeliVita Wood-fired Oven

Upon closer inspection, the DeliVita Wood-fired Oven seemed to be well made. It is made of metal on the outside and clay inside like in Roman ovens. On the inside, it is wrapped around by clay on the inner part that helps traps heat. Then there is a tough outer shell made of fiberglass. That makes the oven strong and waterproof so it does not crack easily. It clearly has been built for durability and cooks exceptionally good pizzas, even better than expected.

Shape And Its Importance For Pizza Cooking

Wood fired pizza ovens generally have a dome shape and are constructed from clay material. This particular design helps circulate hot air over the food thus enabling uniform cooking. The DeliVita Wood-fired Oven follows this design with its clay interior and dome shaped structure for uniform cooking. This specific model is handmade in Yorkshire, UK and has won prizes for its design and practicality.

Temperature Control Of The DeliVita Wood-fired Oven

Temperature Control Of The DeliVita Wood-fired Oven

In my experience, temperature control in the DeliVita Wood-fired Oven requires hands-on approach. Unlike some ovens, there’s no automatic heat control mechanism integrated to it. Rather you increase or decrease the heat by putting more or less wooden pellets respectively into its fire pit . Measuring temperature would require an infrared temperature gun . Even though it needs manual control , with practice , you can cook pizzas and other dishes to perfection every time .

Using The DeliVita Wood-fired Oven For The First Time

The first pizza I prepared in the DeliVita Wood-fired Oven was a margarita and it took me some time to learn how to use the pizza peel well especially considering its long olive wood handle and sliding the pizza into the oven. According to what I saw, it looked unappetizing because of the burned edges. This was caused by improper handling of the peel as far as transferring learning is concerned but not failure of this oven itself.

It only took a minute to cook on one side and then rotate with a paddle on another side for an even bake.The taste of this pizza was awesome despite its appearance. However, making multiple pizzas at once was quite tricky since I needed to watch them closely and supervise this process. It’s manageable for two persons or some few people provided you get assistance.

Power source of the DeliVita wood-fired oven and what makes the best pizza?

Power source of the DeliVita wood-fired oven and what makes the best pizza?

Delivita made this pizza oven to be powered by wood. But for me, Only wood is not enough. Additionally, the struggle of piling loads and loads of hardwood pallets is real here. Once you’ve passed through all that struggle with real wood, this oven gives dishes a tasty wood-fired flavor that’s difficult to surpass. It has an intelligent design which ensures even distribution of heat for perfect pizzas every time. And its insulation keeps the temperature steady, even when it’s cold out there.

Size Of DeliVita Wood-fired Oven

One of the standout features of DeliVita Wood-Fired Oven is that it is compact in size. Even though it can be small, this oven can still make a 12 inches wide pizza making is a good option for those who want to enjoy tasting wood fire pizzas without having to occupy much space in their homes. It also allows for efficient cooking and even distribution of heat because interior part has a unique dome shape that maximizes cooking space too. When you put everything into perspective the size of DeliVita Wood-Fired Oven shows us why it is ideal both for household cooks and professional chefs looking at buying a high quality portable outdoor kitchen equipment.

How to clean the DeliVita wood-fired oven?

How to clean the DeliVita wood-fired oven?

It is quite simple for me to clean the DeliVita wood-fired oven and I do not have to exert a lot of effort. Once it has cooled down, simply brush out the burnt wood and any stuck-on bits with the oven brush. Tools like the prod & blow and pizza peel come with longer olive wood handles that are helpful in reaching the back of the oven which helps making your arm and hand less dirty.

Is it possible to use the DeliVita wood-fired oven inside the house?

The DeliVita Wood-Fired Oven is an outdoor appliance not meant for indoor use. This oven uses wood as fuel and reaches high temperatures which can cause accidents when used indoors. Moreover, this oven emits smoke, which could be toxic if one uses in a closed area. So I never used to use it indoor. The best place to use this item is on a well aerated portion outside such as at the patio or backyard.

How much time does the DeliVita wood-fired oven take to make a Margherita pizza?

How much time does the DeliVita wood-fired oven take to make a Margherita pizza?

I remember I made a Margherita pizza in DeliVita wood-fired oven about 7 days ago and it was delicious. My pizza cooked within 2 minutes after putting it in the oven that had been preheated for 15 minutes. It had crust, which was golden brown, crunchy and cheese that bubbled on top of it. If you want to get similar results, ensure your oven is heated up to around 500 – 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

Prepare all of your ingredients as the oven warms up. Just take out your dough and place on floured paddle or parchment paper. You are going to put the sauce on there but leave some space for the crust and then cheese and toppings.

Pre-Heating Time On The DeliVita Wood-fired Oven

DeliVita Wood-Fired Oven will reach a temperature of 500-550 degrees Fahrenheit between fifteen to sixteen minutes depending on whether conditions, maybe also twenty in some cases. But adjust this temperature as needed for the recipe.

What else can you cook in the DeliVita wood-fired oven?

What else can you cook in the DeliVita wood-fired oven?

The DeliVita is a clay wood oven that can do all sorts of food, not just pizzas. I also roasted vegetables in it by having them sit on top of some tinfoil. These came out with great taste and flavor; they were much better than the ones I usually roast.

I attempted to make rosemary focaccia with DeliVita sourdough but it did not turn out well. The dough was dark so it was impossible to tell when it was cooked or burnt, and too hot to touch. I found out that the dough was still raw inside because it was too soft after cooling. While the exterior of the focaccia was cooked, its interior wasn’t as such. 

I also tried making flatbreads. I used my own recipe and let the dough rest for 30 minutes before baking at 272°C in the oven’s temperature lowered down. One or two flatbreads were done but it couldn’t cook many due to high viscosity of dough and having a hot oven at once. They took longer time cooking but tasted quite alright in the end.

Drawbacks Of The DeliVita Wood-fired Oven

The DeliVita Wood-fired Pizza Oven has some areas that need attention despite its numerous advantages. At a price of $1,750 or £1,395, this oven is costly and might put off some people. Although it is portable, it is heavy and hard to move around especially for outdoor use. In addition, the oven can only easily cook one food at a time which may limit those who would like to prepare more than one meal in the same device. Lastly, there is no built-in temperature gauge that tells you how hot your oven is inside; you will have to buy a separate temperature gun just to check.

Price Of The DeliVita Wood-fired Oven

Price Of The DeliVita Wood-fired Oven

For what it offers, $1,750 or £1,395 for the DeliVita may seem too much money. It’s one of those ovens that make you feel fancy while still delivering great results but there are cheaper options such as the Ooni Fyra. The DeliVita uses wood (not pellets) and can cook more types of food which helps making it more appealing but not everyone can afford the high prices charged by the manufacturer.

How does the DeliVita wood-fired oven compare to other outdoor pizza ovens?

It is difficult to compare DeliVita directly with other ovens in the market as it is considered to be one of the best.

But one alternative is Ooni Fyra, which uses wooden pellets. It can also achieve 500°C (950°F) and cook twelve-inch pizzas in just sixty seconds. The Ooni Fyra weighs lighter at ten kilos (22 pounds) and goes for a much lower price of £249 (regular price), compared to DeliVita that retails for £1,395. This big price difference puts them in different categories, especially since the DeliVita uses wood (not pellets) and can cook more types of food.

User Reviews Of The DeliVita Wood-fired Oven
Is the DeliVita Wood-fired Oven Worth It?

Users praise The DeliVita Wood-Fired Oven for its excellent reviews on its maximum performance, versatility, and ease of use. It is designed for outdoor entertaining and cooks meats, fish, vegetables, breads, and exceptional pizza with ease. The Ethical Butcher loves Delivita Wood-fired ovens. They claim the oven’s clay interior retains heat well and is perfect for slow roasting while the pure intense heat of the oven gives a roast a perfect char with a subtle wood smoke flavor.

The award winning DeliVita Wood-Fired Oven offers maximum performance with minimum fuss which makes it super versatile. It is available in a range of stylish colors and is suitable for cooking all types of food. However, it is expensive and lacks a built-in temperature gauge. Overall, users have praised the oven for its quality, performance, and versatility, making it a worthwhile investment for those looking for a high-quality outdoor cooking appliance.

My Cooking Tips For The DeliVita Wood-fired Oven

Here are some cooking tips to get the best results from your DeliVita Wood-fired Oven:

  • Stretch the dough thinly for a crispy base.
  • Flour your work surfaces and pizza peel to prevent sticking.
  • Place the dough on the pizza peel before adding toppings to avoid a messy transfer.
  • Make sure the oven is preheated to at least 425°F before cooking to ensure proper heat distribution.
  • Rotate the pizza regularly during cooking to achieve an even bake.
  • Have a chopping board ready nearby to serve your delicious wood-fired creations immediately. 

Consider experimenting with different toppings and flavor combinations to elevate your pizza game even further!

Is the DeliVita Wood-fired Oven Worth It?

Is the DeliVita Wood-fired Oven Worth It?

To me, it is 50:50, for the price I do not recommend buying it as the first choice but at the end of the day the choice is yours:


  • Great customer service
  • Aesthetic
  • Compact size


  • Can only cook a small quantity
  • Heavy
  • Expensive

Chef’s Opinions

While I think the DeliVita Wood-fired Oven is good, I have to admit that I find the Ooni wood-fired Pizza ovens even better. They offer similar great taste but at a more affordable price, making them a top choice for outdoor cooking enthusiasts. So, I had to compare in this price tag, I’d recommend checking out the Ooni ovens for an excellent wood-fired cooking experience.

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