Instant Precision VS Misen: Which Dutch Oven is on the Top?

comparison Instant Precision VS Misen

As a seasoned restaurant chef with over ten years of experience, I’ve had the opportunity to use various kitchen tools and cookware. In this article, I’m going to compare two popular Dutch ovens: the Misen Dutch Oven and the Instant Precision Dutch Oven. These are well-regarded by both home cooks and professional chefs. We’ll look at them through a series of important criteria, which will assist you in making a well-informed choice.

We’ll examine:

  • Material
  • Weight
  • Heat retention and compatibility
  • Lid fit
  • Handles and product design
  • Colors
  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • Durability and performance
  • Warranty
  • Price

Instant Pot offers various cookware. The one I tested is the Instant Precision Dutch Oven. It is an innovative electric Dutch oven that distinguishes itself from its traditional counterparts. One of its key highlights is the user-friendly control panel located on the cooker base. It shares design elements with other Instant Pot models and boasts a touch-sensitive screen and a tactile dial for effortless temperature and cook time adjustments.

Misen Dutch Oven is a versatile and highly-regarded cookware. It has garnered attention from culinary enthusiasts and professional chefs alike for its quality and craftsmanship.

We’ll start by introducing each Dutch oven individually and then delve into their differences to see which one stands out as the better choice.

Instant Precision VS Misen: Material

Instant Precision Misen
The Instant Precision Pot Dutch Oven is made of high-quality cast iron with an enameled surface. Hence, this Dutch oven is noted for its superior heat retention and uniform heat distribution. Its construction is ideal for slow cooking as well as searing. The Misen Dutch Oven is constructed from robust cast iron with a non-reactive enamel interior. It offers durability and easy maintenance. However, I advise you to handle it carefully, as the exterior enamel coating is prone to chipping despite its elegant appearance.

Instant Precision VS Misen: Weight

Instant Precision Misen
In comparison to many other cast iron cookware alternatives, the Instant Precision Pot is relatively lightweight, which may make it easier to handle in the kitchen. It is relatively lighter than many other cast iron Dutch ovens, making it more manageable for daily use in the kitchen.

Instant Precision VS Misen: Heat Retention and Compatibility

Instant Precision Misen
The Instant Precision Dutch Oven effectively traps heat and provides precise temperature control. As a result, my dishes always come out perfectly. It not only excels in heat retention but also offers remarkable heat compatibility. Its unique design allows seamless transitions from the electric cooker base to the stovetop and even into the oven. You can effortlessly remove the cooking pot from the cooker base and place it on the stovetop, in the oven, and even directly onto your dining table to serve your dishes. The Misen Dutch Oven excels in heat retention, maintaining consistent temperatures for optimal results when braising or slow-cooking dishes. Additionally, it offers remarkable heat compatibility, suitable for various stovetops and ovens up to 500°F, and the unique grill lid feature makes it versatile for different cooking techniques.

Instant Precision VS Misen: Lid Fit

Instant Precision Misen
The Instant Precision Dutch Oven boasts a thoughtfully designed lid with a braising grid. This feature works efficiently, directing steam circulation within the pot and enriching the flavors of my dishes. The Misen Dutch Oven has a tight-fitting lid that traps moisture and flavors. Adding the grill lid enhances the preservation of steam, similar to a pressure cooker, which accelerates the tenderizing process and intensifies the flavors of your dishes by preventing evaporation.

Instant Precision VS Misen: Handles and Product Design

Instant Precision Misen
I found the handles ergonomically designed during my hands-on assessment of this Dutch Oven. The handles ensure a secure and comfortable grip. After cooking, I easily lifted it from the cooker base and seamlessly transferred it to the stovetop, thanks to the practical addition of silicone handle covers. In terms of design, my testing revealed a perfect blend of elegance and functionality, making this Dutch Oven a visually captivating addition to your kitchen. The Misen Dutch Oven has ergonomic handles that allow me to securely grip the pot even when wearing oven mitts. The overall design of this Dutch oven offers aesthetic appeal and practicality with its sleek, minimalist design.

Instant Precision VS Misen: Colors

Instant Precision Misen
The Instant Precision Dutch Oven offers limited color choices, including red, blue, black, and green. All of these color options are visually appealing. I personally chose the red one, as it stood out as the most attractive. The Misen Dutch Oven is available in various attractive colors, including Blue, Red, Green, Gray, and classic Black. Hence, you can choose the one that best complements your kitchen decor and personal style.

Instant Precision VS Misen: Maintenance and Cleaning

Instant Precision Misen
The Instant Dutch Oven eases the cleaning process with its non-stick enamel coating. While the manual indicates that it’s dishwasher safe, I opt for handwashing, much like my other traditional Dutch ovens. A brief soak and a gentle scrub are typically needed to clean and upkeep this Dutch Oven. Cleaning the Misen Dutch Oven is straightforward as it’s dishwasher safe, but avoiding abrasive cleaning tools to protect the enamel coating is recommended.

Instant Precision VS Misen: Durability and Performance

Instant Precision Misen
The Instant Precision Dutch Oven seems to be well-built and long-lasting. I’ve been using mine for more than six months, and it still works just as well as the day I first used it. I’m hoping it will last a long time to see my money’s worth. The Misen Dutch Oven is impressive with its capability to withstand high temperatures. I believe this Dutch oven can last for years with proper care and maintenance.

Instant Precision VS Misen: Warranty

Instant Precision Misen
The Instant Precision Dutch Oven includes a one-year limited warranty, which is the standard in the industry. However, it would be nice to have more extensive coverage. The Misen Dutch Oven comes with a limited lifetime warranty, but it’s not as comprehensive as warranties from other brands. The warranty won’t cover defects resulting from regular dishwasher usage, so handwashing is highly advisable. While handwashing is best for cast iron cookware, it can be less convenient for some users.

Instant Precision VS Misen: Price

Instant Precision Misen
This Dutch oven offers a competitive price point. It is an attractive option for those seeking quality and performance. The affordability, numerous features, and benefits make the Instant Precision Dutch Oven a valuable addition to any kitchen. Misen‘s affordability is positioned as an appealing aspect. While it may not be as expensive as some premium Dutch oven models, it strikes a good compromise between quality and affordability.

Cooking Test

Red Wine Braised Short Rib in Misen Dutch Oven

In a head-to-head cooking test between the Misen and Instant Precision Dutch ovens, we put them to the ultimate test by preparing Red Wine Braised Short Ribs, considering three critical parameters.


Browning of short ribs instant pot dutch oven VS cuisinart dutch oven

Both Dutch ovens excelled in browning the short ribs. However, I noticed that Instant Precision produced a more consistent heat distribution, which resulted in a more even browning of the short ribs.

Moisture Retention

The Instant Precision Dutch Oven exhibited exceptional moisture retention. Its snug-fitting lid sealed in the moisture perfectly, preventing significant evaporation during the slow cooking process. This resulted in incredibly tender and succulent short ribs.

Final Flavor

final flavor Instant Precision VS Misen

Both Dutch ovens delivered delicious final flavors, with the rich and intensely flavored short ribs. However, the Instant Precision‘s superior moisture retention contributed to slightly more concentrated and intense flavors in the dish.

How We Tested

I tested the Misen and Instant Precision ovens to evaluate them thoroughly. I preheated both Dutch ovens on a stovetop, ensuring they reached the desired cooking temperature.

Searing the short ribs was the first step, which allowed me to assess their browning capabilities. Both Dutch ovens performed admirably, demonstrating even heat distribution and consistent browning.

The short ribs were placed into each Dutch oven, and braising began. This phase allowed me to evaluate their ability to retain moisture, which is crucial for the tenderness and juiciness of the final dish.

Throughout the braising process, we closely observed how well the lids of the Dutch ovens fit. I looked for any noticeable steam or moisture loss, as it can impact the final texture of the dish.

After the braising was completed, we assessed the final flavor and tenderness of the Red Wine Braised Short Ribs prepared in each Dutch oven. We paid particular attention to the intensity of flavors and how well the meat had been tenderized.

Through this rigorous testing process, I gained valuable insights into how the Misen and Instant Precision Dutch ovens functioned in a real cooking setting. 


Based on the detailed comparison between the Instant Precision and Misen Dutch Ovens, it’s clear that the Instant Precision Dutch Oven emerges as the winner. As an experienced restaurant chef with over ten years of expertise, I’ve scrutinized both these products across a spectrum of critical parameters.

In every aspect, the Instant Precision Dutch Oven consistently demonstrated superior features and capabilities. Its ergonomic design, coupled with effective heat retention and distribution, makes it an ideal choice for a variety of cooking techniques. Additionally, its user-friendly design, including the practical addition of silicone handle covers and a thoughtfully designed lid, adds to its appeal.

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