KitchenAid VS Cabela’s: Which Dutch Oven Is Superior?

comparison KitchenAid VS Cabela's

As a seasoned restaurant chef with a decade of experience, I’ve had the opportunity to use a variety of kitchen equipment and cookware. In this article, I’m excited to delve into a comparison of two well-regarded Dutch ovens: the KitchenAid Dutch Oven and the Cabela’s Camp Oven. These are favorites among both home cooks and professional chefs.

To offer a thorough and fair comparison, I will evaluate these Dutch ovens based on the following key aspects:

  • Material
  • Weight
  • Heat retention and compatibility
  • Lid fit
  • Handles and product design
  • Colors
  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • Durability and performance
  • Warranty
  • Price

KitchenAid is a renowned kitchen appliance brand known for its premium-quality products. Their Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven is a popular choice for cooking enthusiasts. This Dutch oven offers functionality and aesthetic appeal, making it a trusted brand for culinary enthusiasts and home chefs.

Cabela’s Camp Oven is a heavy-duty cast iron cooking pot designed for outdoor adventures. Its sturdy build and functional design make it a reliable choice for outdoor cooking enthusiasts. Below is a brief information about this Dutch oven built and its capabilities.

Despite not making it to the TOP-5 best Dutch ovens list for a few reasons, these two Dutch ovens are still excellent choices.

We’ll start by exploring each Dutch oven’s features and then discuss how they differ. This comparison aims to help you decide which oven best meets your culinary needs.

KitchenAid VS Cabela’s: Material

KitchenAid Cabela’s
The KitchenAid Dutch oven is made of cast iron with an enamel coating. It offers a robust and rust-resistant build. However, I find its cast iron thickness slightly less substantial than other Dutch oven brands. Cabela’s Camp Oven is built with heavy-duty cast iron. Its impressive thickness ensures consistent cooking temperatures, while the overall build quality suggests durability and reliability.

KitchenAid VS Cabela’s: Weight

KitchenAid Cabela’s
This Dutch oven‘s weight is manageable. It can be easily lifted and maneuvered even if loaded with food. The Cabela’s Camp Oven is a bit heavier, tipping the scales at approximately 18 pounds. It’s a better fit for camping and outdoor use.

KitchenAid VS Cabela’s: Heat Retention and Compatibility

KitchenAid Cabela’s
The KitchenAid Dutch oven demonstrated good heat retention capabilities, maintaining a consistent temperature during braising for optimal results. Additionally, its wide heat compatibility, suitable for various stovetops and oven use up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, ensures versatility in cooking methods. The Cabela’s Camp Oven demonstrates good heat retention capabilities as it maintains stable and even heat during cooking. It offers versatility in heat compatibility, accommodating campfires, charcoal, and conventional ovens.

KitchenAid VS Cabela’s: Lid Fit

KitchenAid Cabela’s
The self-basting lid creates an effective seal to retain moisture and flavor in the Dutch oven. However, there’s a minor issue with lid stability, causing steam leakage when the pot is moved, especially during extended cooking sessions. The Camp Oven‘s lid fits securely, although there was some moisture loss during cooking.

KitchenAid VS Cabela’s: Handles and Product Design

KitchenAid Cabela’s
The Dutch oven‘s side handles lack secure grip holes, making it challenging to hold firmly. Despite this, the overall design is elegant and minimalistic, making it visually appealing for serving dishes. The Cabela’s Camp Oven has a functional design with sturdy and practical handles. For outdoor cooking, the version with legs is recommended for stability when cooking over wood or charcoal. Overall, its design is straightforward and suitable for outdoor use.

KitchenAid VS Cabela’s: Colors

KitchenAid Cabela’s
The KitchenAid Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven is available in a few color options, such as pistachio and blue velvet. The color choices are relatively limited compared to other Dutch ovens that offer a more extensive selection of shapes, sizes, and colors. Cabela’s Camp Oven comes in a traditional cast iron color, which is ideal since it is made for outdoor use.

KitchenAid VS Cabela’s: Maintenance and Cleaning

KitchenAid Cabela’s
Cleaning the KitchenAid Dutch oven is easy due to its enamel coating, but it displayed signs of chipping after a few uses. The Cabela’s Camp Oven, like most cast iron cookware, requires careful cleaning, which can be a bit of a chore. Proper drying and re-seasoning are necessary to prevent rust.

KitchenAid VS Cabela’s: Durability and Performance

KitchenAid Cabela’s
The KitchenAid Dutch oven performed adequately for a specific cooking task but felt less robust and substantial compared to premium options. It’s suitable for occasional home use but may not be as durable for professional kitchen demands. In terms of durability and performance, the Camp Oven meets the basic expectations for a cast iron product. It can handle high heat and will likely serve adequately for an extended period.

KitchenAid VS Cabela’s: Warranty

KitchenAid Cabela’s
This Dutch oven includes a one-year warranty for added reassurance regarding its durability. Nevertheless, it is best to invest in high-end brands that offer better value for the price. The absence of clear warranty information adds uncertainty about the product’s long-term durability. However, you can find return and exchange information on the website, which may offer some clarity regarding their policies.

KitchenAid VS Cabela’s: Price

KitchenAid Cabela’s
The KitchenAid Dutch Oven is affordable. There is only a bit of a price difference between KitchenAid and Cabela’s, but it is likely due to its outdoor-oriented design and heavier construction.

Cooking Test

Red Wine Braised Short Ribs in Cabela's Camp Oven

I conducted a cooking comparison of the KitchenAid and Cabela’s Dutch ovens by making Red Wine Braised Short Ribs. To assess their performance, I focused on the following aspects:


browning of short ribs KitchenAid Dutch Oven VS Mueller DuraCast Dutch Oven

The KitchenAid and Cabela’s Dutch ovens both excelled in achieving excellent browning. Their cast iron makeup enabled a flawless sear on every side of the short ribs. Each oven contributed to a deeply caramelized crust, enhancing the dish’s flavor and adding layers of complexity.

Moisture Retention

While both Dutch ovens experienced a slight release of steam during the cooking process, the Cabela’s Camp Oven showed a slightly higher degree of moisture loss in our test. Consequently, the ribs cooked in the KitchenAid turned out to be more tender and juicy.

Final Flavor

final flavor KitchenAid VS Cabela's

Although the Red Wine Braised Short Ribs turned out delicious in both Dutch ovens, the ribs prepared in the KitchenAid Dutch Oven were notably more tender and had a richer flavor.

How We Tested

The cooking test was designed to thoroughly assess the performance of both Dutch ovens under real kitchen conditions.

We began by placing both the KitchenAid and Cabela’s Dutch ovens on the stovetop, heating them to the same temperature. We then seared short ribs in each oven, carefully observing how well they distributed heat and the quality of the sear they produced on the meat.

Next, during the slow-cooking process, we closely watched how well each Dutch oven maintained moisture. This involved focusing on how effectively their lids sealed, keeping the right amount of steam and moisture inside for the dish.

After the cooking time was up, we carried out a detailed taste test. We evaluated the texture, flavor, and overall quality of the Red Wine Braised Short Ribs cooked in each Dutch oven.


In conclusion, after a comprehensive evaluation and cooking test, the KitchenAid Dutch Oven emerges as the clear winner in this head-to-head comparison with the Cabela’s Camp Oven.

Throughout the test, both ovens exhibited strong performance in various aspects, from material and design to heat retention and browning capabilities. However, the KitchenAid Dutch Oven consistently outperformed its counterpart in crucial areas. Its superior moisture retention during cooking resulted in more tender and juicy Red Wine Braised Short Ribs. Additionally, the ribs prepared in the KitchenAid oven had a richer flavor profile and better overall texture.

While the Cabela’s Camp Oven is a robust option, especially for outdoor cooking, the KitchenAid Dutch Oven’s versatility, efficient heat distribution, and effective moisture retention make it a more suitable choice for a wider range of cooking scenarios, particularly in a home kitchen setting.

In light of these findings, the KitchenAid Dutch Oven stands out as the better investment for both home cooks and culinary enthusiasts seeking a reliable, high-performing Dutch oven. Its blend of functionality, aesthetic appeal, and cooking excellence secures its position as a top choice in the kitchen.

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