Does A Commercial Oven Need A Hood?

The shortest answer for this is no, not all electrical equipment such as a commercial oven would require a hood for them to be allowed to operate. The long answer will be discussed below. 

A hood, otherwise known as a ventilation system, is normally a requirement in a commercial kitchen and this is due to the fact that they serve as a prevention or protection against fire in the kitchen. This also creates a secure and comfortable working environment for the staff and a pleasing experience for the customers or residents by eliminating any unpleasant smell and unwanted odors in the kitchen and out in the dining area, and of course, grease, steam, heat, and smoke. 

However, not all commercial kitchen equipment such as commercial ovens needs to be under a hood even though this is not the case in the past because before, the general rule for a commercial kitchen was that if a piece of equipment that produces steam or heat, it was required for them to be under a type of hood they require. This is still the case for equipment that use gas but there are now some exceptions for electrical equipment. 

Here are a few examples of electric commercial kitchen equipment that does not require to go under a hood: 

  • Multi-cook ovens
  • Certain types of boilerless steamers
  • Certain models of combi ovens
  • Accelerated cooking ovens
  • Cook and hold units
  • Countertop steamers

It is rather a good idea to keep in mind that even though a product or equipment is rated as ventless, the local inspector has the final say regarding this matter, and this is why it is best to get in contact with one to be able to check how they read out the code and interpret it before you make the purchase. 

There are also some alternative equipment out there that are quite innovative that would not require you to place them under a hood anymore and you should watch out on them if you either want something different or new or not actually add another machine that requires a hood. 

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